Cognitive Therapy


A New Year’s Resolution for Better Mental Health

New year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them. We’ve all broken them. Sometimes we wonder, “why do I even bother?” Understand that, like many things in life that don’t often pan out, new year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions. But good intentions aren’t enough. In fact, intentions alone, without a plan that’s followed through…

Anger management Ottawa

Approaching Cognitive Therapy In Ottawa

Making the decision to seek Cognitive therapy, seeking it, and actually performing cognitive therapy in Ottawa are three distinct, difficult tasks for anyone, let alone those already dealing with too much anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Most people who need therapy and do not get it get held up at one of these roadblocks. At each…


Ottawa Cognitive Therapy Techniques That Work

Just as there are no two people alike, therapy should be fit to the preferences of the person in therapy. Ottawa cognitive therapy techniques can be mixed and matched to work, and most of all, it should be structured to fit your preferences. But you don’t have to go about finding the perfect blend of therapy…