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Psychology For Everyday Living

Take a look at Dr. Martin Rovers speaking at a Recent Relationships Matter Seminar.

A little education can go a long way.

We invite you to attend Psychology for Everyday Living seminars, which aim to create a space for education and discussions on psychological topics, especially the ones that matter to you most, your relationships.

These relationships are not limited to the romantic, they include relationships with self, friends, children, parents, or familial. Information about topics and presenters can be found below. Other details include:

Where: 223 Main St., Ottawa, Saint Paul University, Guigues Hall, Auditorium (Room # 203)
When: Last Thursday evening of the month, from September to April, 7-9 pm.
Cost: 20 dollars/person, 10 dollars/student
Parking: Free on side streets, but paid parking is available in adjacent parking lot.

Upcoming Seminars

Psychology for Everyday Living seminars have started! Our first seminar is September 29th, 2016 and is Hugging the Growling Bear: Avoidant Men in Intimate Relationships. This seminar will review romantic attachment styles and especially the wounds and healing of avoidant men: women are most welcome! Martin Rovers, PhD, Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, is a Professor in the Faculty of Human Sciences at St Paul University.

Our following seminar will be held on October 27, 2016 and will cover Youth & Mental Health. This seminar deals with youth and complex trauma and finding creative outlets for building resiliency, as well as unique ways of implementing therapy for youth. Stephen Leafloor, MSW, MSC and Ashoka Fellow use the art forms of Hiphop to empower Inuit and First Nation’s culture to explore their own healing.

On November 24, 2016 we will discuss Keeping the Shark Away: Parenting Tools to Manage Child Mood, Worries, and Behaviors. This seminar will engage parents in activities that they can take home to promote positive child mental health, reduce worries, and address behavioral concerns in a manner that builds connection. Dr. Laura Lynne Armstrong is a Psychologist who works with children, youth, and adults and an Assistant Professor at Saint Paul University in Ottawa.

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Past Seminars

Powerpoint Slides from past Relationships Matter Seminar: Stumbling on Happiness


  • Apr. 28th: Our Search for Meaning and Spirituality in Life


  • Jan. 29th: Hope for Love & Marriage
  • Feb. 26th: Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships
  • March 26th: Addictions & Families
  • April 30th: Parenting Skills with a Look at the Blended Family
  • Sept. 24th: Family Reconciliation: Reuniting a Family Member Who Is Estranged
  • Oct. 29th: Love & War in Couple Relationships


  • May 22nd: Wired for Love: Our Fundamental Capacity to Grow Through Love
  • January 30th: Internet, Gaming, and Other Addictions and How they Impact Relationships
  • February 27th: In My Own Voice! Confidence, Esteem, and Assertiveness: for Teens and Older
  • March 27th: Hope 101: How to Help Hope to Thrive
  • April 24th: How to Survive the Loss of a Love
  • Sept. 25th: Online Dating and How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk
  • Oct. 16th: The Art of Mindful Living
  • Nov. 27th: Stumbling on Happiness and Promoting a Positive Psychology


  • September 26th: Re-wire Your Brain for Love, Through Touch, Talk, and Mindfulness
  • October 24th: The Power of Forgiveness: Feeling Valued in Relationship and Cancelling the License to Offend
  • November 28th: Mental Health in Families: Dealing with Bipolar, Depression & Schizoaffective Disorder: Awareness, Support, Healing
  • April 26th: Happiness
  • March 22nd: Family Means That No One Gets Left Behind
  • February 22nd: Addictions and Families
  • January 25th: The New Science of Romantic Love: Making Bonds That Last


  • December 21st: Conversations of the Joys and Sorrows of Christmas: An Open Forum
  • November 30th:  Growing Pains: Must Growth be Painful?
  • October 26th: “50 Shades” of Change: Steps Towards Personal Growth and Fulfilment
  • September 21st: Vivre la Différence! Appreciating Your Partner’s Ways of Loving
  • April 27th: How to Argue without Losing Your Head
  • March 30th: Teens and Mental Illness
  • March 2nd: The Work of Marriage


  • December 16th: Happiness and the Happiness Workout Workshop