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What You Can Expect from Capital Choice Counselling Group

1) High Quality Counselling and Psychotherapy

Capital Choice Counselling Group is committed to high quality individual counselling, couples’ therapy, marriage counselling, and family counselling. All our counsellors are dedicated to meeting your needs and seek to offer effective and quality counselling services in a safe and professional environment. Our goal is to improve your relationships with partners, in the family and in the workplace, to improve communication, to heal life stressors like depression, and anxiety, and trauma, and to strengthen your overall wellness in life. If your life is not as fulfilling as you would like it to be, we can help enrich your life and your overall happiness.

Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa

2) The Right Fit

Calling Capital Choice Counselling Group (613-425-4257) is the first step to finding the right therapistfor your therapy needs. We offer you a no-cost intake consultation to help you determine the best psychotherapist for you. Because finding the right therapist is central to good counselling, we match you with one of our best counsellors, in a location close to your home or workplace. If needed, ask about our sliding scale. Our intake professionals will do all the set up work with you.

3) Professional

All our psychotherapists, social workers, and counsellors are supervised by Ontario Registered Psychologists to offer you the best professional guidance possible. In a sense, you are getting two professionals for the price of one! Receipts for workplace insurance and benefits are available.

Written by: Dr. Martin Rovers is an Ontario Registered Psychologist and a Clinical Fellow with the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He is an expert is the field for more than 20 years. He has written several articles and book, including Healing the Wounds in Couple Relationships, and is the frequent presenter at Relationships Matter, a monthly lecture series on psychology for everyday living offered at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. His approach to counselling services is professional, yet humorous: engaging and inspiring. Other Capital Choice Counselling Group counsellors are trained and supervised by Martin.