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What Is Psychotherapy & How Can It Help Me?

Psychotherapy covers an extensive range of therapies that can help people move past their personal issues, to let them build the inner strength they need going forward. There are a number of myths surrounding psychotherapy, and before going deeper into how psychotherapy can help I’d like to clear the air.

ottawa psychotherapyIs Psychotherapy Only for the Mentally Unstable?

This is sadly one of the prevailing myths surrounding psychotherapy.   This is completely untrue, and it hurts thousands of Canadians every day.  Often those suffering from depression, anxiety, or another condition will avoid psychotherapy because they don’t want to be labelled.  Psychotherapy can help with these issues, and it has worked for millions of people around the world.

Thankfully this stigma is changing, and now seeking psychotherapy is beginning to be seen in a positive light.  Often extremely intelligent, resourceful people are seeking psychotherapy to improve their mental health even though they have no mental illness.  It provides people with higher self-esteem, and the tools they need to better cope with the difficulties of modern life.

Psychotherapy Techniques
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With those myths out of the way, I want to provide some basic information about psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is a type of therapy in which a patient talks to a counsellor, and using various talk therapy techniques, the therapist helps the patient experience positive change.  The change can come in a number of forms such as resolving troublesome behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts or emotions.  A therapist will work with the patient to replace those with more pleasant and functional alternatives.


cognitive behavioural therapyOttawa Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

One type of psychotherapy that has proven to be very successful for individuals is cognitive behavioural therapy.  This is a great tool for individuals who respond well to extra activities and homework.  The basic principal of cognitive behavioural therapy is that the patient replaces negative thoughts, behaviours, and habits with authentic, balanced responses. It aims to disrupt negative patterns and manage the emotional response that is caused by negative thoughts.

For many mental illnesses, cognitive behavioural therapy is a powerful tool that can help people manage their illness.  If you, or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness or is struggling through a difficult time give us a call at 613-425-4257 and book an appointment with one of our Ottawa counsellors.

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