12 Signs That You Should Find A New Job

workplace-counselling-hiringSome time ago, you reached the exciting next step on your career ladder. Within the first week on the job, you learned everything you could about the company, remembered everyone’s names, knocked your first few assignments out of the park and set your goals high, knowing you were determined to go above and beyond the call of duty for each and every task that reached your desk, all in efforts to one day be top dog of your industry. That feeling resonated with you for quite some time; were motivated, determined and focused on building your career with the passion you had on your first day on the job, until you noticed the monotony of it all. Capital Choice Counselling’s workplace counselling can help you figure out what to do next, whether that be coping with your current job or admitting it is time to find a new one.

workplace-counselling-laptop[Now, you just can’t ignore the fact that those first-day feelings have nearly disappeared. You’ve noticed that the excitement you once felt towards your job have shifted to feelings of discontent. The wise, and all-knowing “they” have said that if you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, but how can this be true when you’ve fallen out of love with your job? You’re not the first, and certainly not the last person to feel lukewarm about your current job. This halt of excitement happens for many career-focused individuals. It’s what you do with this feeling that gets you to where you want to be. If you’re not happy with your job, it’s time for a serious assessment; here are the red flags that tell you it’s time to find a new job.

1. You Dread Going To Work In The Morning, Every Morning

Mondays mornings aside, you should be excited to go in to work everyday. You should be motivated to breeze through your morning routine and get into the office on an excited note. Trust your gut; if you’re depressed at home about your life at work, it’s time to find a better workplace that gives you the freedom of a relaxing, stress free weekend.

workplace-counselling-stress2. You Are Constantly Bored

Nodding off even after 3 cups of that stale office java? You can find a million ways to keep yourself awake at work, but eventually, you’ll come to terms with the real problem behind your boredom; you’re not being challenged enough at your current job. Think back to your education and the most memorable assignments you had. We’re willing to bet that you remember them so vividly because they tested your limits and challenged you in a way that had positive, impactful results. We challenge you to find a new job that kicks boredom to the curb, and truly encourages you to learn and grow as a professional in your field.

3. There’s No Where To Go But Down

Congrats – you’ve climbed the ladder to the long awaited peak that you’ve been working your butt off to get to. But what now? If there’s on room for a promotion, then start imagining yourself in 10 years, sitting in the same exact desk, working for the same exact manager, doing the same boring work earning the sam exact salary. Ditch the dead end job to move onwards and upwards at a better job with plenty of room to grow.

4. You’re Worried The Company Will Go Bankrupt

If you’re having stress nightmares about your company laying everyone off – or even worse, it’s actually happening – and you fear the company is about to go under, jump ship! Our career and workplace counselling sessions can help you find a company that’s financially stable.

workplace-counselling=technology5. You’re Turning Gray Before Your Time

You pulled the first one out, but now your head is becoming overwhelmingly full of arctic highlights – and your peers are donning warm, full hues of red, blonde and brunette without a white hair in sight. Stressed much? While it’s not exactly science that turning gray is a result from too much stress, it is a sign to think about your future – are you happy spending your best years anxiously answering all the demands at this workplace? You can find a new job that doesn’t come with the added side effects of stress, like weight gain, dwindling health and frequent migraines.

6. The Devil Walks The Earth… In The Form Of Your Boss

Not getting along with your boss? Nobody said you had to be buddies outside of work, but if you’re unable to find a shred of humanity within your manager, it’s time to consider a new workplace. Staying at the corrupted workplace without workplace counselling is setting you up to miss out on valuable opportunities for a better job.

workplace-counselling-enjoy-life7. You Have No Time To Enjoy Life

Remember when we talked about spending your entire Sunday stressing about going in to work on Monday? We’d like to reiterate the fact that your job shouldn’t be stressing you out of spending your downtime enjoying your life. If it’s just a project getting you down, it may be temporary. That being said, if you’re spending your free time dreading work rather th
an relaxing or taking up hobbies, it could be a red flag towards a bigger issue.

8. There’s A Disconnect Between You &  The Company

You spend the majority of your week working for this company; you know their values and morals like the back of your hand. You may have told yourself once before that they were aligned with your own, but now, you’ve quit justifying it for the sake of the job. If you don’t see yourself moving in the same direction as the company, we strongly encourage you to find a better job with a workplace that celebrates the same morals you do.

9. You Begin To Hate The People You Work With

If you’re not getting along with the people you spend the majority of your week with, it may be time to consider workplace counselling (and lucky for you, we’re experts in that field!). However, if you’re past the point of no return because your boss and coworkers are undermining your work, it’s time to start looking for something new. When the projects you’ve approved and decisions you’ve made are consistently being overturned, you may start second guessing yourself. Your coworkers might have even started second guessing your work and making changes, unannounced to you, behind your back. Why stick with a disrespectful team like that? Take an opportunity with a team that values your work.

workplace-counselling-lightbulbg10. You Constantly Fantasize About Retirement

So you’ve started dreaming about an early retirement. You’ve decided it’s the only way out of the job you hate. But what about paying for your kids’ school, that dream car and your seemingly endless list of monthly payments to take care of? Think again!  There’s a stress free, workplace out there with a job where you spend the majority of your time pursuing your dreams, living up to your potential and giving your industry all you’ve got while you’ve got it. That dream job is still out there, just waiting for you to apply yourself.

11. Toilet Breaks Become Toilet Vacations

We’ve all made excuses to avoid work from time to time, call us guilty. But that’s a bit different from looking for an escape by frequent bathroom visits that extend beyond the time limits it takes to, well, get the job done. Has it really come to this for you? If you’re looking forward to all the time you spend in that tiny office washroom, you’ve definitely outgrown your current job. Time to fire out your resume to fun new workplaces that have more exciting features and people.

12. You’re Constantly Working Overtime & Not Being Compensatedworkplace-counselling-new-job

First, we suggest some workplace counselling to make sure everyone is accountable and respectful in the workplace, sometimes there are situations where this happens for a temporary project or assignment and can be handled appropriately. But generally speaking; no, no, no a million times, no! This goes back to being valued for your work by your boss and your coworkers, as well as working a job that gives you time to enjoy your life outside of work. first. In Ottawa, working overtime consistently and without pay, is a giant red flag. Why stay in a negative workplace that isn’t willing to pay you for your talent? When your job duties increase, so should your pay. Particularly for companies who have plenty of revenue to exchange for your extra work, but aren’t laying it out on the table for you. There are Ottawa jobs for you to excel and grow as an appreciated and respected part of their team, compensated for your work – and dare we say – awarded benefits for exemplary achievements, too.

If you’ve noticed more red flags and are feeling like you’ve outgrown the job, it’s time to wave your white flag and move on to a better job that encourages you to grow and respects you for your talents and expertise in your field. If you’re in a stressful work environment, we encourage you to learn more about the benefits that workplace counselling could bring to you and your team.

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