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Government Workers Given Ottawa Management Counselling Services

ottawa-management-counsellign 2As a government worker in the capital city of your phenomenal country, there are plenty of things you know by now. You’ve come a long way to get to where you are in your career, and you’re not stopping now – but like any successful person, you understand that the more important factor is taking advantage of the things you don’t already know, and recognizing that you’ve always got room to grow. We’ve got an interesting fact that you may not be aware of: government workers in Canada get $2000 for psychological services. Yep, you read that right, if you’re working in the government, you’ve got a health insurance plan that includes prime resource for managing a lot of the issues you m ay be experiencing (related to and non related to your work) just waiting for you to claim it. Are you new to Ottawa therapy? You’re not alone! We’ve got a list of things to help get you acquainted with Ottawa Management counselling, and help you see that $2000 of psychological services waiting for you is going to make your life so much better.

management-assistance-program 2What’s Stressing The Stressed?

More than a quarter of the workers report being overly stressed. It may not seem like it, but chances are there are more people in your department that are stressed than you may have known about – it’s just that some people manage it differently. Ottawa Management Counselling can help the Canadian government workers that describe their day-to-day lives as highly stressful, the ones with persistently high stress levels. Stress levels as high as they are (even among a strong work force) present a big challenge to both employers and the health care system – so it’s time to take advantage of that psychological services that’s been allotted to you!
As time moves along, employees productivity decreases due to high stress, which leads to absenteeism, which therefor leads to lesser work output, and increased disability claims for the employer. Here’s another dollar figure to keep in mind: Mental health problems alone are estimated to cost employers about $20 billion annually, and account for over three fourths of short term disability claims in Canada.  You read that right! There are plenty of issues of mental health problems that are costly for both employee and employer, so Ottawa management counselling is more important now than ever for government workers. Don’t be that statistic, get the management you need to cope with these issues before they become even worse!

management counselling 2It isn’t’ surprising that a lot of the social science research on stress levels are bigger relative to work and job related stress. Generally speaking, the big stressor can also be a problem outside of work, that employers bring into work, but even then, it affects their performance, and the workplace for their colleagues. Some workers may report different levels of stress at the actual workplace. Tolerance for stress can be different from one person to another, and medical and psychological research suggests that the responses to the chronic type of stress can heavily be influenced by the nature of that stressor. That person’s temperament, paired with their personality, can alleviate it’s effects, but this isn’t always the case. The way a person has learned to cope with their stress plays a very important role in their response to potentially difficult events – work being no exception.

More than half of highly stressed workers identify work as their main stressor

Most of the highly stressed out government workers in Canada can pinpoint their main source for all their stress. Yes, there are financial concerns lurking, and time is also a big stressor for everyone. Family can always cause stress, and personal issues involving relationships, health and general worries are all there. But the main reason is similar for most people. It isn’t really surprising when you look at the facts on paper. Government workers are on their job for the majority of their day. Their work takes an impressive amount of their mental energy, their physical efforts, and they have to do it day after day, year after year to be successful int heir line of work. Of course there are stressors outside of their job situation, and those too can produce negative effects. But combining them with work stress is what most people do, and all types of long term stress can increase their risks for falling into depression, anxiety issues, and chronic physical illnesses. This is where that $2000 per worker would really come in handy, right? It’s time to take advantage of it.

Mottawa-government-workers-health-insurance-capital-choice-counselinganagement Assistance Program -“MAP”

Maybe your workload has increased and you’re struggling to keep up. Whatever the issue, a call to Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa is the first step to dealing with the issue effectively: 613-425-4257. We highly recommend you start your counselling sooner than later – you’re going to be stressed out until you seek help.

Are you a manager in a government position? Are you stressed? Of course you are! You’re not alone, either. We’ve got plenty of counseling help for managers who are stressed about their jobs, we’d like to help you shift towards a less stressful life with our Management Assistance Program. Stress can really damage your management abilities, and add to your stress, so it’s time to take use of this effective and helpful psychological service we’ve got designed to help people in your position. MAP is great for those white-collar workers; because guess what? The people who are mainly stressed about work are the well-educated, white collar workers. Given that information, it’s not a shock. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and stressed about being great at your work to get to your position – of course that’s what’s stressing you out the most. Here’s how MAP can help you turn that worry around and live a more balanced life with Ottawa management counselling.

management-assistance-program-ottawaWe’re willing to bet that as a manager in today’s work force, you’re faced with challenges that don’t get any easier as time goes on; they become constantly more and more complex. It’s difficult enough managing your work stress, but for someone who hears it from the top and below, it’s probably getting even more so difficult for you to keep in control. We see this often and are offering our help! Your’e exposed, as a manager, to more and more than the necessity to face your limits. To challenge what you think your’e capable of, and to succeed with the fear of missing or striking out. There are two distinct types of stressors that research has picked out from careful examination – one of which being high level of expectations, and the second being low levels of confidence. What a pair to have to deal with, right? But you can overcome this – and you’ve got a health insurance plan as a government worker that’s ready to help you gain control of that expectation, and grow your confidence before it overcomes you.

Our counsellors are specialized in working directly with managers to help them tackle particular stressors unique to their management positions. It’s not easy doing what you do, and we get it. We3 want to work right beside you to get you through that personal stress that’s coming directly form your managerial position, so that you can effectively get your job done and enjoy your life more outside3 of work too. You’ve got a lot of people under you that come to you for help. They look for your advice, and with lacking confidence, it’s hard to perform that task well. It can be easy for those workers to forget that you’re a human being, unfortunately, and while being a manager requires to put forth a facade of inhumanity, it’s normal and natural for you to become a little scared, and very overwhelmed. It’s also normal for you to look into management counselling to get the job done – some may even ocnsider that smarter, more responsible, and wise, contrary to the negative belief that management counselling is for someone who can’t handle it alone.

Capital Choice Counseling Group has brought together skilled counsellors and coaches who have experience and expertise in counselling, coaching, and management for their ottawa management counseling services. MAP is about changing the course of your life, so that you can help change the course of those you help.

Career Counselling SuccessOttawa Management Counselling Helps You Work Better

Freud stated that work and love are the main occupations of people, and since 1/3 of the day is about work, we need to find ways to make that time and experience as healthy and fulfilling as possible. On the other hand, research suggests that 60% of people are doing work that they aren’t really happy doing.  Often times, there might not be much of a choice to find the right type of work – but for those of you happily working in the government, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to be a better worker given your extensive health insurance.

If you find yourself feeling workplace stress as a government worker, it’s time to take advantage of the resources given to you, that many government workers aren’t already aware of. Get started with Capital Choice Counselling today!


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