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Approaching Cognitive Therapy In Ottawa

CognitiveTherapyOttawaMaking the decision to seek Cognitive therapy, seeking it, and actually performing cognitive therapy in Ottawa are three distinct, difficult tasks for anyone, let alone those already dealing with too much anxiety, depression, anger, etc.

Most people who need therapy and do not get it get held up at one of these roadblocks. At each stage, they pass one barrier only to smack headfirst into another one. It’s a taxing, stressful, and confusing process that only adds to the stress and anxiety faced by those already overwhelmed. It’s no surprise that the majority of people in need of Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa end up not receiving it.

But you do not have to be one of those people.

What follows is a deeper look at each of these general obstacles people seeking Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa face, and the easily accessible solutions that Capital Choice Counselling offers them.

Making the Decision to Seek Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa

CognitiveTherapyOttawa3So much can get in the way of the personal realization that needs to be made for one to honestly face the fact that they have problems they are struggling to deal with alone. Pride, fear, distrust, flawed conceptions of self, lack of self awareness; there are innumerable reasons that one would be unwilling to accept that they even have a problem, let alone that they cannot solve it without help.

The fact that you are reading this indicates that you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa.

If it’s you, then you ought to recognize that you have made an important first step on the path to peace of mind. Many don’t even get to the point where they realize they could even use help, let alone take the first step to seeking it out. While you may feel that there is struggle ahead for you, continue reading to find out how Capital Choice Counselling can help you make this easier.

If it’s someone you know, then your path could be a more complicated one depending on how receptive the person you have in mind is to the idea of Cognitive Therapy. If they react with resistance, check out this article for ideas on how you might change their outlook; and if that doesn’t work, you can always get in touch with us for advice.

Finding Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa

Presuming you’ve made the honest self assessment that you are in need of Cognitive Therapy, the next step is finding the right help. If you’ve made it to this page through a Google search, then chances are you’ve come to the realization that Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa is an extremely confusing discipline to navigate for those in need of help. With hundreds of therapists specialized in numerous different psychological techniques and disciplines, focused on different demographics, with varying availabilities, skill levels, availabilities, and locations it’s no surprise that many find the task of finding the right Cognitive Therapist completely overwhelming, especially in Ottawa where there is no easily navigable central database to find help.

CognitiveTherapyOttawa5Don’t fear though, as you’ve already arrived at the solution. Get in touch with Capital Choice Counselling, and you can expect access to an entire network of professional therapists, and guidance on how to find the one that is best for you. Skip the chaos and confusion you can expect from searching Google, and allow us to personally handle your initial assessment and assignment to a therapist that fits your needs for specialization, schedule, payment abilities, availability, and location.

The second step to getting Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa is finding it, and this is where most people fail. By making it to Capital Choice Counselling, you’ve already made it further than 90% of those in need in help, and are thus far more likely to succeed. While the road ahead is not an easy one, it’s significantly shorter now. All you have left to do is get in touch, and get yourself into a Cognitive Therapy session.

Performing Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa

The third and final step to putting yourself on a path to a better life in Ottawa with Cognitive Therapy is to make it to your first session. Generally people are nervous for their first time, and this nervousness can manifest itself in a whole range of different behaviors that vary from person to person. It’s important to identify that these behaviors are  based on anxiety, and this anxiety is generally based on the fact that people have the wrong expectations of what Cognitive Therapy is like. The reason people are generally not nervous on their second session is because they have seen these expectations to be completely false. So the point of this final section of this blog post is to demonstrate that the popular conceptions of engaging in Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa are completely false, and that the truth is a much more approachable alternative. This ought to allow you to skip the initial nerves faced by most that act as a contributing factor to them not getting the help they need.

CognitiveTherapyOttawa4The typical image of therapy comes from popular culture and consists of a man or woman, probably wearing a sweater-vest, asking you to lay onto a comfy chair and talk about your feelings. After a series of pointed questions, you end up bawling your eyes out and are magically cured of all your mental ills. You realize that all your problems stem back to your mother weaning you off breast-milk too soon, and you are allowed to leave the Therapists office with a new lease on life, never to return, on to live a life free of mental trouble.

This picture is flawed to the point of hilarity. It presents an understanding of therapy that is palatable for 30 seconds of screen time on TV, but completely disregards any need to correspond to reality. There is so much more wrong with this presentation than there is right, so instead of picking it apart, I’ll instead provide you with a more realistic idea of what your first day is.

You walk in. Your therapist gets to know you. You get to know your therapist. Maybe a few questions are asked about why you feel the need to get professional help. The therapist doesn’t dig at them. You ask your Therapist about what you can expect from your Therapy, and you’re told you’ll be coming in consistently to talk honestly about the stuff that is going on in your life and in your mind. This therapy isn’t about curing you, but about giving you perspective on the things going on in your life and the way you react to them. You’ll be learning all about this, and be provided tools that, with enough practice, will allow you to improve your reaction both with respect to the way you behave and feel about these things.

CognitiveTherapyOttawa6While this may sound less exciting than the made-for-TV idea of therapy, the fact is that Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa isn’t about quick fixes and sharing feelings, but honestly and earnestly looking at one’s own way of thinking and reacting to the events of life. The fact that you feel the need to seek therapy indicates that, whether you recognize it or not, you’re having trouble with this. Fortunately just by reading this article you’ve taken an important step on the path towards adjusting your patterns of thought to more capably deal with life. What you ought to focus on now is continuing to walk down this path. Far more people stray from it than follow it to its end, so while nobody expects this journey to be easy for you, you have a far higher chance of sticking to it by reaching out to Capital Choice Counselling for Cognitive Therapy in Ottawa.

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