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The Many Benefits of Couple Counselling

couples counsellingAt Capital Choice Counselling, we consider couples counselling to be like a multivitamin. We don’t take our multivitamins when we get sick, we take them everyday to prevent illness, and to stay healthy. Same goes for marriage therapy. There’s no rule saying you have to wait for a rough patch to book an appointment. Ongoing couples counselling provides you with an outside perspective on your relationship. As a result, you will keep your relationship healthy, while building on the skills you will need to address obstacles as they present themselves. Being able to air concerns in a neutral, controlled space allows you and your partner to confront your questions without allowing them to develop into something worse.

Over the course of your relationship, there are going to be ups and downs. Some of them will be as a result of your relationship, and others will have a direct effect on your relationship. The death of a family member, workplace stress, the responsibility of raising children and growing your family, and financial struggles can all take a toll on your relationship. Learning how to experience everything life throws at you, as a team, is just one benefit of marriage and couples counselling.

How Do I Know If We Need Couples Counselling?

shutterstock_137894198Contrary to what we see on the silver screen, couples counselling is not an admission of failure. In fact, marriage counselling demonstrates the courage to work towards making the relationship better and stronger. Marriage counselling is not just for every couple experiencing a rocky patch, it is simply for every couple. Period.

Every relationship experiences something unique. There are no concrete answers to love’s problems of course. But counselling can help you find the answers that work between you and your partner, no matter the stage or state of the relationship.

We encourage our clients to consider counselling as a conversation between two people, held in the presence of an individual qualified to guide that conversation in a helpful, constructive way. Our experienced therapists will help you phrase criticism in a constructive way. We will help you open up to your partner in thoughtful meaningful way, rebuilding trust where necessary.

Couples counselling equips you with the tools you need for when your relationship experiences a rough patch; which it will. Every single relationship, whether you have been together for two years or twenty years will experience high and lows. Learning how to respond to your partner’s needs during the good and the bad is a vital element in a healthy, fulfilling relationship. As we know, true love conquers all.

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Many couples begin to turn towards an Ottawa couples therapist or marriage counsellor when the going gets tough. Knowing that professional counselling is there when you need it can mean a lot to a relationship experiencing a low.  If you feel ignored, taken for granted, or deflated in your relationship, marriage counselling can help. If you feel as though you don’t share the same values as your spouse anymore, or that your relationship may be in peril, counselling can help you identify the obstacles in your relationship.

Contact one of our Ottawa Couples Therapists today using our Therapist Locator Tool. We connect couples of every type in every stage to the therapist that will serve them best. As you know, relationships take hard work and dedication. Our therapists can provide you with the outside perspective you need to improve and maintain your partnership.