couple holding hands on a walk at sunset

Couples Therapy in Kanata

couple holding hands on a walk at sunset

We all face stressors daily, and these can adversely affect a person’s relationships.

Busy places, fast-paced lifestyles, rapid development, and others can further contribute to stress and relationship problems.

No matter where you live, these stresses are present. Kanata is no exception.

Fortunately, couples therapy is an efficient way of addressing relationship issues.

Couples Therapy No Longer Carries a Stigma

couple sitting on couch in couple's therapy sessionIt’s true that a fair number of people used to see couples therapy in a negative light.

When two people went for couples therapy, the perception or stigma was often that this couple had “serious problems.”

This view has changed in recent years. More couples, even ones that are not currently experiencing difficulties, are becoming more willing to undergo counselling.

They recognize that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

That’s why our counsellors offering couples therapy in Kanata are seeing more clients nowadays, and are able to help more people in the Kanata & Stittsville areas.

What Takes Place in Kanata Couples Therapy and What to Expect

Your first couples therapy session can be somewhat daunting.

You shouldn’t be too nervous as couples therapy merely aims to smooth out any issues you may have. Yes, the surroundings and proceedings may seem a bit… unfamiliar, at first.

But don’t worry, most couples are able to benefit from a constructive dialogue from early on.

Remember, couples therapy is designed to help your marriage in the long run.

couple holding handsSome of the most common issues that couples therapy can help address are the following:

  • Emotions: A sizable problem for many couples is that the partner may be emotionally closed off. That leads to further issues in communication.
  • Communication: Proper communication is necessary for any partnership to last. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and many other problems that can balloon out in the future.
  • Differing view, opinions, and stances: A common saying is that “opposites attract.” While this may not be true in all cases, couples do still have conflicting views on certain things. Couples therapy can help couples reach the middle ground.
  • Personal problems: Sometimes people have trouble dealing with personal problems, and these problems can spill over into relationships.


To address these issues, therapists and counsellors employ several methods to reach a resolution. Some of the best methods include the following:

  • Storytelling: Much of the couple’s therapy session will involve telling stories and voicing out thoughts. Couples will voice these thoughts to the therapist and their partners. It allows partners to relate to each other better.
  • Finding solutions: Problems are not just left as such. Your therapist will also help in resolving issues and finding solutions.
  • Communication exercises: Resolution isn’t possible with poor communication. Many therapists do communication exercises to improve this.

Your couple’s counsellor will employ the method(s) best suited for your specific circumstances.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy in Kanata & Stittsville

Couples therapy can benefit the relationship and those around the couple involved.

That is one reason why counselling as a couple is the preferred choice of many when problems arise.

Some of the most significant benefits that couples therapy can give a couple are the following:

1.      Couple Therapy Offers a Third-Person Perspective

couple in couple's therapy session

Couples counselling gives partners an unbiased third-person perspective in the form of the counsellor.

In many cases, this perspective is necessary to ground partners regarding the problem they face. Hearing an unbiased opinion may also help couples think more clearly and see things in an impartial light.

Take note that your counsellor will not act as a referee or a judge.

Your counsellor is here to help you resolve problems and recognize shortcomings. Issues and problems need to be fixed with the couple’s input. The counsellor’s job is merely to help this process.

2.      Couples Therapy Improves Communication

couple sitting on couch in couple's therapy session

Communication is possibly one of the most important aspects of a relationship.

Without proper communication, problems become much more likely to occur.

Disagreements can become more serious as a result. Couples therapy allows couples to improve how they communicate with each other.

3.      Couple’s Therapy Helps Boost Familiarity

One of the methods used in couples therapy is allowing couples to discover more about each other.

It increases the partners’ sense of familiarity, which results in them knowing each other on a deeper level. That is extremely important for couples to be able to trust and appreciate each other more.

4.      Couple Counselling Fosters Increased Openness

Couples therapy can also result in increased openness between partners.

Openness is also crucial for proper communication and can help couples become much closer. The sense of openness also allows individuals to become more comfortable and inclined to feel better about their partner.

5.      Couple’s Therapy Lowers Stress Levels

couple hugging at therapy sessionRelationship problems can also cause increased levels of stress in individuals.

As many studies have already shown, stress adversely affects a person’s physical and emotional health.

In particular, some of the effects of stress are the following:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Increased likelihood of illnesses
  • Weaker immune system
  • Emotional and mental health conditions become much more likely


Managing relationship problems can lower stress levels significantly. This means that couples therapy can also help you maintain peak physical and emotional health.

6.      Therapy Helps Address Past, Present and Future Issues

Couples therapy can equip partners with problem-solving skills.

It also allows them to manage their stressors and triggers better.

That involves addressing and solving past and present problems. Doing so can make a couple more resilient and may help resolve future problems before they blow up.

7.      Therapy Promotes Positivity

couple playing together at the beachPeople have different ways of addressing their issues.

Many resort to less-than-ideal ways of doing so, like drugs, alcohol, avoiding social contact, and more.

The good thing about couples counselling and therapy is that these promote positive ways of resolving problems.

Therapy uses ways that are healthy for both the individual and the couple. Most importantly, couples therapy does not compromise a person’s mental, emotional and physical health to bring about improvement.

8.      Couple’s Therapy is a Major a Step Forward in a Healthier Relationship

The mere willingness to undergo couples therapy is an excellent gesture of wanting to become a healthier couple.

Actually going to couple’s therapy will significantly help, of course.

Committing to the counselling sessions is an ideal step towards having a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Consult with the Best Therapists in Kanata for Couples Counselling

It’s important to choose carefully when selecting a counsellor for couple’s therapy.

Being a good couple’s counsellor requires significant experience and insight on the counsellor’s part.

Fortunately, excellent couples’ counsellors are available in Kanata.

Capital Choice Counseling has been serving Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville and neighbouring areas since 2006. Our therapists are highly experienced in dealing with relationship matters.

Contact us today to get started on the path to a better relationship.