Anxiety Counselling Kanata

One of the most notable disorders that many people suffer from is anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are usually characterized by excessive fear or worry that gets in the way of normal functions. If left untreated, this can lead to a host of personal, professional, academic, and relationship problems.

The good news is that anxiety treatment in Kanata is available. Read on to learn how anxiety can hold us back and how counselling is an effective way to combat anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders

The term anxiety disorder actually refers to several different conditions that a person may have. These affect people in different ways, although a common factor is the presence of constant worry and fear. Among the most common anxiety disorders include the following:

  • Panic disorder: This condition involves episodes of extreme anxiety and fear, which are known as panic attacks. Panic attacks can cause uncontrollable emotions and irrational behaviour. People suffering from panic attacks may even associate certain places and events as triggers when attacks happen.
  • Phobias: Phobias refer to the condition where a person experiences excessive anxiety over a fear of something. These may lead to panic attacks. Excessive anxiety due to these fears may cause people to take extreme steps to avoid their triggers.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder: This involves constant fear and anxiety about normal life occurrences. In most cases, these fears are unwarranted in comparison with the actual situation that is occurring. This disorder usually co-occurs with other psychological disorders and can cause extreme emotions.
  • Substance abuse-induced: The excessive use and abuse of substances, like alcohol and drugs, may cause anxiety disorders. These disorders may happen as an effect of abuse or through withdrawal from these substances.

Anxiety disorders have different triggers and manifestations. The presence of any of the signs and symptoms of anxiety should warrant seeking professional help.

Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Anxiety disorders are nothing to scoff at; they are something to be addressed sooner rather than later. Knowing the signs and symptoms is the first way of addressing these disorders.

Among the most common ones to watch out for are the following:

  • Excessive fear, nervousness, anxiety, or tension
  • Physical changes, such as an increased heart rate, palpitations, hyperventilation, sweating, or weakness
  • Changes in sleeping patterns or having trouble falling asleep
  • Difficulties with concentrating or tasks that require concentration
  • Finding it hard to manage fear and worry
  • Taking excessive steps to avoid all the things that may cause anxiety.
  • Many other symptoms

Addressing Anxiety

Many things can help a person address anxiety issues. Some of these are simple enough and may help in managing harmful symptoms. Examples of ways include the following:

  • A proper diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting enough rest
  • Managing stress

Aside from those mentioned above, counselling has been proven to be one of the most effective methods.

7 Ways That Counselling Can Help Treat Anxiety

Counselling has become the go-to solution for anxiety disorders and for a good reason.

Kanata anxiety counselling can provide many benefits for those suffering from anxiety. Some of these benefits are:

1.     Address the source of anxiety, should there be one

Counselling gets to the root cause of anxiety if there is one. The methods used in counselling help the person who is suffering from anxiety in finding this cause. It is usually the first step that leads to wellness.

2.     Dissect the condition

After the source of anxiety has been found, the counsellor can help in dissecting the cause. It leads to a journey of discovery, acceptance, and understanding. Doing this properly can help reduce the impact of the source on a person’s anxiety.

3.     Modify the negativities that cause anxiety

Dissecting the condition is not the only thing that counselling aims to do. Some forms of counselling, like cognitive behavioural therapy, can do so much more. CBT’s objective is to modify the negativities that a person faces. It essentially rewires a person to use these negativities as a drive to become better.


4.     Providing a safe space

Many people go through counselling even if they do not have problems because it allows for a safe space. Issues can be freely talked about without judgment. People that have anxiety disorders may benefit significantly from having a safe space to discuss their concerns. That is something that counselling can provide.

5.     Encourages positivity and other alternatives

The methods involved in counselling encourage positive thinking and a pleasant outlook of the world. This can greatly help modify a person’s perspective for the better. A positive outlook can help suppress and reduce many anxieties. Other alternatives may also be provided by a counsellor, such as meditation, breathing exercises, and others.

6.     Increasing control over one’s fears

Many fears that we have are entirely irrational. Even though there is no basis for our fears, we continue to be threatened by them. That’s a big problem that many people with anxiety face. Fortunately, counselling can help increase one’s control over fears and worries. A counsellor can help a person realize many things, including ways to manage one’s fears.

7.     Counselling works for Anxiety

Counselling, when done properly, can substantially help people suffering from anxiety disorders. Of course, participation on the part of the counselee, along with an experienced counsellor, is required.

Counselling is one of the best ways of dealing with anxiety.

Counselling is a safe and healthy way of addressing anxiety disorders.

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