couple's therapy session

Ottawa Couple’s Counselling: Not Just for When the Relationship is on the Rocks

couple's therapy session

Are you in a healthy relationship?

Or do you find yourself constantly fighting with your spouse, concerned about the direction in which things are going?

The common misconception used to be that only one of the above scenarios meant it was time to go to couple’s counselling.

In fact, any couple can benefit from the many helpful aspects that couple’s therapy and marriage counselling have to offer.

In this edition of the Capital Choice Counselling blog, we’ll explore how Ottawa couple’s counselling is beneficial for newlyweds, couples who find themselves at a crossroads, and even for couples who are in healthy relationships for many years but want to ensure that it stays that way.

The Traditional Outlook on Couple’s Therapy

couple's therapy sessionIn the old days, an unwed couple in all likelihood wouldn’t have considered going to therapy, while a married couple only would have gone to marriage counselling should some problem have arisen (e.g. an affair and/or impending separation or divorce).

Thus, the traditional stereotypes of couple’s counselling or couple’s therapy were formed.

Why was this the case?

Well, for starters, therapy itself in that era often was perceived as carrying with it a certain stigma. Only someone who had “problems” went to therapy.

So if a couple didn’t have a “problem,” why would they need couple’s counselling?

Over time, thankfully, these perceptions have changed, and the demand for couple’s counselling has increased as more and more people realize the many benefits that couple’s therapy can bring.

What Changed About Couple’s Counselling?

happy couple embracingThe truth us, not much really changed with regard to the actual therapy process that takes place in couple’s counselling.

Oh sure, there’s been some evolution and innovation in couple’s counselling, just as in many other disciplines of therapy.

But the basic premise remains the same: A couple seeks the help of a neutral third party who is trained in working with couples to help:

  • resolve differences
  • overcome communication barriers and
  • strengthen the relationship

That’s always been a feature of couple’s counselling, and it always will be!

What changed, though, were the ways in which people perceived couple’s therapy and approached the idea of seeking couple’s counselling to better their relationship.

With the stigma of therapy largely having gone away, a couple can go to a professional therapist to work out issues or find ways to strengthen the bonds that hold them together, without having to worry about “what others might think.”

These days, many couples – people from all walks of life, couples at different stages of their relationships – find that couple’s counselling is a highly effective and productive way to sort out differences, communicate better and create a stronger relationship over time.

Is Couple’s Counselling Still Effective for “Problems?”

couple's therapy sessionWithout question, many couple’s therapists see couples – married or not – who are experiencing “rough patches” in their relationship.

These include such hallmark couple’s counselling issues as extramarital affairs, communication breakdowns, seemingly irreconcilable differences in outlook or approach, among many others.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of having “relationship issues,” know that you are not alone, that all hope needn’t be lost, and that help is available in the form of couple’s counselling.

Regardless of who is “at fault” or where you are at on your journey as a couple, a qualified, experienced couple’s therapist can be a tremendously effective resource in helping you identify the root causes and sources of the relationship issues.

With time, patience and effort, you can work together as a couple – under the guidance of your couple’s therapist – to rebuild your relationship.

What About for Couples with “No Problem” – Is Couple’s Counselling a Good Idea?

No relationship is perfect.

Just as no person is perfect, every relationship has room for improvement, areas in which the couple can work together to strengthen their ties, communicate better and enjoy a more fruitful life together.

Chances are, if you were considering couple’s counselling and that’s what brought you to this article, you’ll be able to find effective tools and strategies by working with an experienced, qualified and reputable couple’s counsellor.

Now to back this up, we can look at a few examples.

Counselling for a Couple Who’s Been Married Many Years

happy couple holding handsLet’s look at a lovely couple, Ted and Mary, who have been happily married for many years.

Recent empty-nesters, Ted and Mary are now entering a new phase of their lives. Both are still working, but with the burden/duty of raising children behind them, Ted and Mary are finding that their priorities are changing.

Now is an ideal time for Ted and Mary to seek couple’s counselling.

Their couple’s therapist will be able to help Ted and Mary communicate effectively about their changing needs, goals and priorities.

Thanks to the couple’s counselling process, Ted and Mary will be able to share a clear picture of what they want as individuals and as a couple from here on out.

Couple’s Counselling for Newlyweds or Soon-to-Be-Married

couple's therapy sessionLisa and Derek are about to get married.

Marriage is an important and exciting new phase in life for those embarking on the journey.

It’s also one filled with challenges and the occasional pitfall, especially for people who aren’t fully prepared and/or haven’t shared their goals and wishes verbally (or in writing) with their new spouse.

By going to marriage counselling or couple’s therapy, Lisa and Derek will be able to establish a mutual respect for one another, vocalizing both their wishes as well as their concerns.

This laying of the foundation will help Lisa and Derek in the years to come, as they will be to look back on what they discussed and accomplished in couple’s counselling, drawing upon the skills they acquired to be better spouses, better parents and better people.

How Capital Choice Helps with Couple’s Counselling in Ottawa

For anyone considering couple’s counselling in Ottawa, from newlyweds to empty-nesters to any couple looking to enhance & improve their relationship, Capital Choice Counselling offers an excellent network of Ottawa couple’s therapists.

To get started, select ‘Our Counsellors by Expertise’ in the menu towards the top of this page.

Find a therapist from our network who specialized in couple’s counselling, ideally someone located near or convenient to you. Then contact them directly to set up your first appointment for couple’s therapy in Ottawa.