teenage girls at school

The Many Benefits of Teen Counselling

teenage girls at school

There are many reasons teens go to counselling or therapy.

For some it’s the stress of teenage life, a combination of the realities of the world looming larger, on top of hormonal changes in what can be a very awkward, frustrating and challenging time of transition.

For other teens, the aforementioned challenges are compounded by mental health & emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction – among many others.

While it’s tempting for some teens to “go it alone” and try to get through these times on one’s own, that’s not always (or even often) the right answer.

That’s why teenage counselling has proven quite effective. With the guidance of a qualified, experienced therapist, social worker or counsellor who specializes in helping teens through challenging times and daunting mental & emotional issues, many teenagers have been able to work through their issues and lead a better life.

Let’s find out how teen counselling could help you or someone you love.

Emotional & Mental Health Issues Facing Teens Today

teenage girl feels stress anxietyThere’s probably never been a time in human history when being a teenager was easy.

Having said that, it’s also possible that there’s never been a more challenging time for teens in our history that right now. At least it certainly can seem that way, right?

Looking at the “normal” range of issues that we as people face in our teenage years, it’s already a pretty daunting list.

  • Transition from childhood to adulthood
  • Changing hormones
  • Pressures of school
  • Challenges of self-esteem
  • Finding one’s identity as an individual
  • Trying to “fit in”
  • Peer pressure & bullying
  • Temptation of alcohol & drugs
  • Societal pressure (to “succeed” etc.)

These are just some of the “hallmark” issues facing teens – the same issues faced by many, many generations of teenagers going back well into time.

“But wait,” you might say, “my generation is different, we have many more issues facing us today!”

teen boy in counselling on videoYou’re right.

On top of the already-challenging teenage issues, you’ve got modern challenges as well as threats.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Technology & social media
  • Time management in an era that’s getting exponentially faster
  • Community” is a fleeting concept
  • We seem to be more “alone” than ever
  • COVID-19 has compounded these last two
  • The economic reality seems more confusing

If all this seems like too much to process, too much to deal with… know that you’re not alone.

Even under the “best” of circumstances, getting through one’s teenage years is challenging.

The added problems and challenges of our modern society in 2020 aren’t making it any better.

Adding Mental & Emotional Health Issues to the Mix

teenage girl on phoneNot to paint an even bleaker picture – trust us, it does get better (and help is available) – but on top of traditional and modern challenges facing teens, there is also a range of mental health issues that can afflict teens as much as (if not more than) adults.

From depression and anxiety to eating disorders and addiction, and pretty much everything in between, teens are vulnerable to mental and emotional health challenges in a clinical sense.

Counselling for Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is sadly all too common in Canada. This clinical depression is, we must emphasize, not the same as “feeling depressed” about an event or series of events (breakups, losing a pet or loved one, etc.). It is quite understandable (dare we say, “normal”) to experience periods of sadness, feeling “down,” etc.

When we see it become clinical depression is when someone is constantly feeling down, is experiencing more “bad” days than “good” ones… when it takes enough effort just to get out of bed in the morning, when one loses interest in the things that used to make her or him happy.

That’s when it becomes a more serious matter… and when counselling for teenage depression can be of great benefit.

Counselling for Teenage Anxiety

teenage male feels stress anxietySimilar to depression is anxiety.

Yes, they are similar – in fact, depression and anxiety are often seen as two sides of the same coin!

While depression is a constant state of sadness, lethargy, lack of motivation & desire, etc. – anxiety is equally paralyzing.

Let us be clear that anxiety is more than “just feeling stressed.”

If you’ve ever felt nervous about an upcoming exam, a date, a big event or something else in your life, that’s understandable and often to be expected.

The difference between those temporary feelings of stress and a state of clinical anxiety is having that same heightened “anxious” feeling ALL the time!

Many people, teens and adults both, suffer from clinical anxiety. It leaves them unable to make decisions, feeling ‘stuck’ and not able to ‘go on.’ Anxiety can come with panic attacks.

That’s when counselling for teenage anxiety is helpful.

Other Mental Health Issues Helped by Teenage Counselling

teenagers on phone at scxhoolSome teens find out that they have bipolar disorder. Others experience eating disorders, or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Whatever the affliction or disorder may be, know that you don’t have to go through this alone; help is available.

If you’re concerned about others finding out and judging you, please know this:

  • Teen counselling is strictly confidential
  • Getting help is not “weak” but rather is a sign of strength
  • Teenage counselling can help you lead a better life

If you’ve been considering counselling for teens, now’s a great time to get started with sessions. If you haven’t yet considered teen counselling, we encourage you to find out more about this beneficial service.

Teen Counselling in Ottawa

At Capital Choice Counselling Group, a leading network of Ottawa counsellors, therapists and social workers, we are pleased to offer teenage counselling in Ottawa & surrounding communities.

Our teenage counselling services are designed to provide assistance and guidance to teens and adolescents who are struggling with life in general, and/or one or more mental or emotional disorders or conditions.

Our teenager counselling is led by a licensed, professional counsellor who specializes in teen counselling and has a depth of experience in counselling for teenage anxiety, counselling for teenage depression and general therapy for teenagers.

We also offer remote therapy for teen counselling. Sessions can be conducted by phone or on video, etc.

To find out more and get started, contact us today.