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Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Right Therapist

a man going to therapy trying to find the right therapist for his personality and needs

What’s the trick to finding the right therapist?

It can be uncomfortable being vulnerable in front of a friend, let alone a complete stranger.

Finding the right therapist and developing a connection with them will help ease the awkwardness in no time, allowing you to understand and deal with any pressing emotional issues.

The one size fits all approach does not apply when it comes to choosing a therapist. One professional that may work well for someone else may not be a good fit for you.

Therapy is about having someone in your life that is solely focused on helping you succeed, so no matter the reason, everyone can benefit from seeing a mental health professional.

Deciding to go to therapy is the first and arguably the easiest step of the journey. Finding the right therapist, however, is much more challenging.

Figuring Out What Makes You Comfortable

Before starting your search for a therapist, you must figure out what will make you feel at ease.

a female doing an online therapy sessionTo have a successful therapy session, you need to be able to fully open up to your therapist.

Ask yourself if you’ll be more comfortable opening up to a young professional over someone who’s been in the industry for countless years.

Next, decide whether you’d like the therapy sessions to be in-person or online. Once you’ve got a list of all your requirements, you can begin the search for a professional who meets them.

Benefits of Online Therapy

With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the lockdowns, patients have been forced to attend their therapy sessions virtually.

a female in the process of finding the right therapist online

First met with a skeptical eye, online therapy proved to be just as useful and productive as traditional sessions, and with additional benefits.

Before the pandemic, a large chunk of time was spent on the trip to and from the therapist’s office. Not only was more time taken up in your schedule, but the added cost of commuting made it difficult for some people to attend regularly.

The place you feel most comfortable is in your home, right?

With online therapy, you can better open up where you feel the safest, whether that’s in your bed or on your favorite spot on the couch.

Choose the Right Specialization

Similar to how doctors specialize in different areas, therapists are trained in different specialties.

From cognitive behaviour therapy to commitment and acceptance therapy, there is a wide variety of specialties to choose from. Be sure to read up on the kinds of therapies available, as they will help you find a qualified professional that can cater to you specifically.

Finding the Right Therapist for You

If you’re considering starting therapy, whether to overcome trauma, adjust to a new phase in your life, or fix a relationship, finding the right therapist is important.

The success of your sessions highly depends on how strong the bond is between you and the therapist. If you feel awkward and unable to open up after several meetings, it’s likely because you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist.

Our professional and qualified therapists at Capital Choice Counselling Group strive to create a warm and friendly environment to help you feel at ease during your visit. No matter the reason behind your visit, we will always welcome you with open arms. If you need help finding the right therapist, Capital Choice Counselling is here to help!

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