group of people on their devices

Screen Time: Do You Have a Social Media Addiction?

  You’re well past your bedtime, but your smartphone and laptop are still keeping you up. You know that you have to start your day early tomorrow morning, but you just can’t seem to close your gadgets for fear of missing out. You recognize that your attachment to social media may not be healthy anymore,…

couple in therapy session

How to Recognize When You Or a Loved One Could Benefit From Therapy

Not everyone has a positive predisposition towards counselling and therapy. Contrary to what some people may believe, one does not have to be ‘crazy’ or be ‘deficient’ to seek therapy. We all have a coping mechanism when problems and stress come into our lives. However, there are times when we may need professional support when…

family holiday dinner

Quality Holiday Time with Your Family: Avoiding Roadblocks

It’s no secret that spending quality time with your family can lead to a sense of more connectedness and open up the lines of communication, yet this is difficult to do in our lives that are full of extra curricular activities, technology, and work. Especially when we note that it is quality time we are searching for;…