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Christian Counselling

a christian counselor working with a patient by making reference to the bibleCapital Choice Christian Counselling deals with life issues from a Christian perspective. Our Ottawa Christian counselors help people with a variety of life’s challenges. A Christian counselor uses evidence based psychological techniques and interventions from a Christian perspective, including the use of prayer and the Word of God.

Counsellors Specializing in Christian Counselling

Choosing the Right Christian Counselor

christian counselling group praying CCCG Ottawa Christian counselors have been trained to understand spiritual issues as they are raised by clients. CCCG does not impose any faith or spiritual perspective, but all of our christian counselors are trained to deal with such issues as they arise. Such a spiritual perspective can create an important base for dealing with individual, marriage, and family issues in a manner respectful of the client’s spiritual and faith orientation.

As with all counselling, the client is in charge of the degree that they wish to engage in the spiritual conversation. For many clients, a faith-based and spiritual orientation is important, and our CCCG Christian counselors are respectful of this and are trained to engage in these conversations as requested by the client.


Heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit With Christian Counselling

a woman who is fully in tune with her spiritual beliefsOur belief is that any kind of therapy or counselling should encompass a holistic approach that heals the body, mind, and spirit. With our christian counselling services, we focus on realizing your full potential and growing your relationship with God. With trained and experienced christian counselors, we are able to guide you through your spiritual journey to continue to grow your faith and define the purpose of your existence.

In improving your spiritual health, we aim to better your overall well-being as well. If you’re interested in our christian counselling services, please don’t hesitate to reach out, you can book a free consultation here.


A spiritual perspective on marriage counselling can be read in our article: Healing Attachment Wounds Through Inter-Partner Touch in Couple Counselling.

Another good article on the intergeneration transmission of trauma can be found: Generational Trauma, Attachment, and Spiritual/Religious Interventions by Marilyn Doucet and Martin Rovers of Capital Choice Counselling Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Christian counselling, also referred to as biblical counselling combines principles of psychology in relation to your spiritual orientation to improve your over all well-being. Christian counselling provides support for individuals by exploring their faith to resolve major issues in their lives.
As the bible encourages and challenges you to always speak the truth from your heart, the basis of your healing process with Christian counselling will revolve around your ability to be vulnerable, being open, and being honest. You should expect psychological practices to tie into teachings from the bible that will aid in your spiritual, emotional, and overall well-being. Lastly, you should expect to understand yourself better, but also to explore and understanding your relationship with God as well.
Christian counselling encompasses lessons from the bible and brings those values and ideas into a therapeutic relationship. Christian counselling primarily revolves around the idea of forgiveness, which is a major step in your healing. Other main aspects of Christian counselling that contribute to your overall experience and success of your therapy include: love, hope, positive relationships, and moral values. In understanding your faith and relationship to God, we hope to improve the quality of your life by giving you a deeper purpose and the ability to self-reflect in the eyes of God.
Yes. All of the counselors at Capital Choice Counselling are followers of Christ and are born-again believers. Our staff are trained in many different teachings of psychology but specific to our Christian counselling services, put their trust in God to guide your treatment and healing.

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