Carlos De La Parra Huerta

Carlos De La Parra Huerta

Carlos De La Parra Huerta

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Office Hours + Location/Lugar y horas de trabjo

  • Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm
  • Lunes a Viernes 10am a 6pm

If you are requesting sessions to be in office, I require that you have been vaccinated and that you wear a face mask)
Viendo clientes en linea y en la oficina (si requieren la sesión en persona, requiero que tengan sus vacunas y usen mascara)

Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Practice Areas/Areas de practica

  • Self confidence, self esteem / autoestima
  • Life transitions / transitions en la vida
  • Self identity / identidad personal
  • Grief / duelo
  • Anxiety / anciedad
  • Sexual health / terapia sexual
  • Depression / depresion
  • Suicidal ideations / suicidio
  • Individual therapy for teens (16 and over) / terapia para adolescentes (16 y majores)
  • Burnout / desgasto mental
  • Attachment / uniones personales
  • Anger management / control de la ira
  • Boundaries issues / limites personales
  • Spiritual guidance and growth / direccion espiritual
  • Trauma
  • Decision making / ayuda con desiciones 
  • Emotionally individual focused therapy

Couple Therapy/ terapia de parejas y familia

  • Premarital counselling / terapia premarital
  • Communication / comunicación de parejas
  • Intimacy/ intimidad
  • Sexual health / terapia sexual
  • Emotional connection / conecion emocional
  • Separation and divorce / separacion y divorcio
  • Conflict resolution / ayuda con conflictos
  • Post affair / terapia después de una infidelidad
  • When only one partner wants to come / terapia cuando solo un miembro asiste
  • Emotionally focused therapy
  • Blended family / terapia cuando se mezclan dos familias

Professional Memberships

  • College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario, Reg.# 003414
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • American Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors and Therapists

Education and training

  • ASSIST Training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Ottawa ON
  • Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy University of Toronto
  • Training in sex therapy University of Guelph
  • Studies in theology Dominican College and Legionaries of Christ. Masters in marriage and family therapy in the USA
  • Bachelors of arts in political science and philosophy University of the Incarnate Word USA
  • Political philosophy Summer at Harvard. Classical Humanities and Religious Studies Cheshire
  • CT with  the Legionaries of Christ, training on LGBT issues Ottawa ON
  • Training in relational life therapy First level Ottawa ON
  • Disarming the Narcissist Ottawa ON

Counselling Philosophy

Therapy is an opportunity to stop and take the time to analyze your journey in life, to take a look at yourself.

Your journey in life can involve roadblocks and uncertainties that can result in  situations of depression, relationship difficulties, self esteem, self worth issues, and other emotional trauma.

Often, these roadblocks and uncertainties can appear to  be insurmountable or hopeless.

As a therapist, I am devoted to helping you conquer difficulties that you are experiencing in your life journey.  I believe strongly in providing an environment where it is comfortable for you to share your journey with me.

As we travel this journey together, we will explore your emotions, thoughts and circumstances with a goal of achieving a healthier and stronger version of yourself.


Terapia es una oportunidad para detenerse y analizar el camino de la vida.

El camino de la vida puede enfrentarnos con dificultades que nos llevan a caer en depresión , dificultades en nuestras relaciones humanas, auto estima, y otro tipo de traumas emocionales.

Algunas veces esas dificultades que la vida nos presenta parecen ser imposibles de solucionar y sentirnos desesperados.

Como psicoterapeuta, me dedicare a ayudar a conquistar esas dificultades que estas experimentando en la vida. Creo fuertemente en crear un buen ambiente en la terapia para que te sientas cómodo para abrir tu vida y experiencias conmigo.Durante esta exploración de tu vida y experiencias exploraremos tus emociones y circunstancias para que puedas lograr una persona fuerte y mejor ante las dificultades que tengas.

I do regular consultation with Dr. Martin Rovers, Psychologist, for the ongoing development of my professional and ethical expertise and to discuss client concerns in confidential manner.
The receipt you will receive will be in my name, as a Registered Psychotherapist in the province of Ontario, which is acceptable by most insurance companies (e.g. Sunlife). It is your responsibility to determine whether my receipt is acceptable for your workplace benefits and insurance.

The regular fee for counselling is $160 (plus HST).

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Carlos De La Parra Huerta

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Location: In Office  (Orleans) and Online Counselling

Office Hours

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  • Monday to Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Online Counselling Also Available




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