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Life’s Wounds


That’s Life!
It’s a girl, Missus. A lovely, healthy, smart, little girl.

Not a Boy! Doesn’t speak French! Second not First—no bike for you!

Still Not Enough, Nothing, never Enough, Not Wine, Sex, Holidays for Him
Not Good Enough for Them

You can make others happy if you try really hard. Does that work? Are you really trying hard? As hard as you can? Hmmm Not good enough I guess.
Era says No! Education says Yes!
Give to others! And do it graciously. Ingrained.

And self?
Are we allowed Happiness of self? Others give to YOU.
Makes the world go round. Really? How do you change ingrained?

The Wound

A puncture, a hole; to puncture, to make a hole. Purpose? Dual, I say.
And we all dual it.
Why Do It? Inherited Instructions: Strike First. Obtain advantage, be right.
Hurt or Get Hurt
Hurt? Yes! Hurts Never-ending. In the senses, in all the senses.

Through the Hole poison enters; From the hole, poison drains.

You choose.

Chose What? Poison or Cleanse. Me? Chose?

If not, Me who? If not now–What are you waiting for, Self?
How to recognize wound? first cleanse. then bind.
Remain wounded yet open?
Open to wound or be wounded? Or be vulnerable?

And Forgive? Self-Others-Others forgive-You?
The Dead? Can the dead forgive you? And you them?
Forgive and Forget? Forgive but remember frail humanity

Part III
Wounded Healer

A cleansed wound heals self. helps heal others.
Cleanse with wine, soothe with oil, bind, with softness.
Drink? Eat? Blunt the pain?

Wounded, we can only heal
With Compassion
We suffer with and so identify Gently,

the wound (ed); the same NOT separate
and gently cleanse
and tenderly bind with love.

Confession cleanses your need to wound others;
How do you cleanse your wounds?

Beautiful inputs to the senses are soothing oils.
Hear Me, See Me, Touch Me, Heal Me.
Doubting Thomas and Tommy from the Opera.
Music Nature Dogs Birds Trees Flowers Snow
Food Wine Coffee

To bind, to intervene…be Careful, full of caring
Be gentle. Go slowly.
A Wounded soul is tender in self and others.

But how do you cleanse your wounds. My daughter said today:

“Just so you know. . . I have been – not forgiving or forgetting- but overlooking the emotional and physical violence that tainted every moment of our childhood.

At the end

Part IV

One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.