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Separation Therapy

Couples do separate and separation therapy is often necessary. Separation and divorce therapy helps partners make decisions about their relationship. When couple separate, it can be done reasonably. If your relationship has passed the point where you both want to save it, our counsellors can see you within the week to provide separation and divorce therapy with the goal of attaining an amicable separation. You can call us or contact us through the tool on the right.

Counsellors Specializing in Separation & Divorce

Ending a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t separate in a respectful, thoughtful, and open way. As difficult as it may be, remember that at one time you loved each other.

If you have children, it’s even more important to separate with dignity, as the way you separate will have a lasting impact on their emotional health. Many questions will come up during the divorce process.

  • How do we tell them?
  • What do the children need to hear from separating mom and dad?
  • Can custody be arranged in a respectful manner?
  • What is a fair and equitable separation agreement?
  • Who can I talk to about my hurt feelings in regard to this separation?


Even if one of you is out of the relationship and the other is still committed to it, the separation doesn’t have to be more painful than it already is. With the help of our qualified Ottawa counsellors, you and your ex can go your own way with minimal collateral damage.

Is separation and divorce therapy for me?

  • I want to make sure the kids aren’t hurt by the divorce.
  • My partner wants to save the relationship, but I’m out. How do I end it?
  • She cheated on me and I can’t go on with this relationship.


If you find yourself in the midst of a separation, separation and divorce therapy might be for you. Contact one of our counsellors using the tool to the right.


Couple, relationship and marriage therapies are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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