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Parenting Teenagers & Youth

The teenage years are often a difficult time, both for parents and children. Teens and youth have growing bodies and growing minds, and their development in autonomy can often cause imbalances in the family as a unit.

The onset of puberty creates new challenges for teens as they struggle to understand their changing identity. Parenting teens requires a special set of skills, skills that are best learned at the hands of trained counsellor.

And that’s where Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa comes in. We offer parenting counselling to help you learn about your teenager and how best to address the growing tensions in your family.

Counsellors Specializing in Parenting Teens & Youth

Our counsellors can teach you skills and can improve your ability to anticipate problems and navigate sticky situations with ease. We can help you encourage healthy communication between you and your teenager.

If you’re relying on a book or a website to teach you skills for parenting your teenagers, you might be missing some valuable information. Because our counsellors meet with you one-on-one, they are able to customize their advice to your specific situation. They can deal with every problem you have as it arises.

And, most importantly, they are here to listen to you. We know that raising a teenager can be a stressful situation and can lead to a lot of anxiety. We want to help alleviate that anxiety.

Is parenting counselling right for me?

  • I am the parent of a teenager
  • I feel the need to learn new parenting methods
  • I feel a lack of respect from my teenager
  • I’m feeling unheard and alone


If the above statements sound like you, parenting counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors using the tool on the right.


Parenting counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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