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Sexual Abuse Counselling

sexual abuse counselling sessionOttawa Sexual abuse counselling can help when abuse has taken place.  If this is the case for you, please consider contacting us to book an appointment with one of our trained, empathic sexual abuse counsellors. Sexual abuse counselling can relieve the symptoms you are currently experiencing, and may be able to help bring about desired healing in your relationships with your self and others.

Sexual abuse counselling can deal with the myths surrounding child sexual abuse. First and foremost among them is the idea that the abuse is always committed by someone unfamiliar to the child. In fact, the vast majority of child sexual abuse is committed by someone close to the child and to the child’s family. Often it may be a family member.

This breach of trust is especially damaging, as we can feel betrayed by our family and often betrayed by the world at large. Often the abused individual feels at fault for the incident.

Though women are more frequently the victims of abuse, sexual abuse is a problem for men as well. Many men can be placed in a difficult place by the abuse, due to societal pressures to not to talk about it and myths and misunderstandings surrounding male sexuality.

Counsellors Specializing in Sexual Abuse


Sexual Abuse Symptoms and the Importance of Getting Help

If you’ve experienced sexual abuse in your lifetime, you may find that it is creating difficulties for you in establishing healthy sexual relationships. You may also find that the abuse has caused you to have difficulty functioning in life. You may be depressed and anxious.

This is why it is so important to get help. Our Ottawa counsellors can help you address the problems arising from your experience with sexual abuse. Through sexual abuse counselling, you can move past the abuse and re-establish a healthy perspective on sexual relationships.

Because sexual abuse can have an impact on future relationships, we sometimes recommend that couples where one partner has been abused seek marriage and relationship counselling.

Is sexual abuse counselling right for me?

  • I have been sexually abused as a child
  • I have been recently sexually assaulted
  • I feel anxious about sex with my partner
  • I feel that I am damaged or broken by the abuse
  • My experience with sexual abuse has made life difficult


To begin your journey, contact one of our Ottawa-based counsellors using the tool to the right or browse our list of counsellors who have expertise in this area here.

Individual Ottawa counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.

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