Tap to Call

Sacred Wounds

What are these places
Buried deep in my heart,
Where there is no light
And the pathways are dark?

No one can see them
They don’t have a name.
But I know they exist
I can feel they’re in pain.

If I listen quite closely
If I’m feeling that brave,
They will whisper their secrets
And I’ll feel afraid,
For hearing these murmurs
As they surface and speak,
Reminds me of my failings
And of how I am weak.

“Don’t be so silly!”
“You’re making me mad!”
Love comes with conditions
It is selfish and bad
To speak out of turn,
To ask questions,
To pout.
“You shouldn’t be angry!”
Feel guilt, shame and doubt.

Keep that boat firmly anchored
It can’t rock or sway.
Put a smile on your face
And do as I say.
While you’re under this roof
You’ll live by our rules.
If you stray too far away
You’ll disappoint us;
It’s true –

We expect quite a lot of you.
We love you just as you are.
But push a little farther
Never mind if you’ll fall.
We’ll be there to catch you
And stand you upright.
Tell you what you did wrong
So you’ll know better next time.

These spots are so tender,
They yearn for release
From the casings of armour
They have had to create,
To protect from the judges,
The critics,
The jury,
Who claimed to know best
And cast gazes disapproving

These are my wounds
My inheritance
Bestowed by my parents
With loving intent.
Meant to be safeguards
To protect
And defend
How is it they now
Deeply hurt and offend?

I’ve carried them with me
These dull aches of the heart.
Longing to escape
From the shadows that darken
Their beauty
Their preciousness
Their divinity and splendour.
Oh, to be freed from their fetters
To live in grace,
With intention.

As I learn to embrace
These fragile wounds,
And let them emerge
From their sinister tombs,
I am able to love them
To let them be seen,
They can dance in the sunlight,
Be free.

These are my sacred and beautiful hurts.
Now they shine and they sparkle,
Gems of incalculable worth.
The scars, they are healing
They are not quite so potent,
The result of a heart
That has been broken
Wide open.