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Fees & Payment Options

Our Ottawa Counselling Fees

capital-choice-group-therapy-ottawaCapital Choice Counselling is competitively priced. Our goal is to serve Ottawa with a more effective counselling solution, and part of that is maintaining a fair pricing structure.

Our therapists’ fees are presented in a transparent and accessible way. The regular fee is $ 150.00 per one counselling hour. The fee could be lower depending on financial situation.

The fee could also be higher depending on counsellors credentials.

CCCG intern counsellors provide affordable counselling services to individual, couples and families in the greater Ottawa area. All our intern counsellors are supervised by Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Psychologists. The regular fee of Intern Counsellors is $75.00 per one counselling hour. If needed, contact us for more details regarding sliding scale fees of our intern counsellors.

Contact us for further details regarding our fees.

Capital Choice Counselling Interns

Capital Choice Counselling now has new counselling interns working with qualified Registered Psychotherapist supervisors. Interns are usually second year or post-academic Master students.

The regular fee will be $75.00 per hour session, and the client can receive a Registered Psychotherapist receipt for workplace benefits and insurance, as needed. Fees can slide down according to the financial need to the client.

The two CCCG interns under the supervision of Jeannette Robert RP, are:

Ivan Pityk is a second year Master student at Saint Paul University, and will be doing his internship from May until May, 2022. He does individual, couple, and family therapy.

Samantha Cooney is a second year Master student at Saint Paul University and will begin her internship in September 2021. She does individual therapy with teens and adults.

The two CCCG interns under the supervision of Rachel Sturgeon RP, have begun their work and are:

Amber Davis: I am currently a practicum student from Yorkville University nearing completion of a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Amber likes to work with teens and young adults and uses a client centered approach to counselling. She will be with us until August.

Tracy Casey: I am currently a Master practicum student completing my final phase of my Master in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. I have over 20 years of experience in coaching people helping them to succeed in their businesses. I like working with teens and adults. Tracy will be working from May until the end of December.

The CCCG intern under the supervision of Dr. Laure-Marie Carignan RP (beginning Sept 1st) are:

Neida Santini: She is fluent in English and Spanish, has a special interest in working with clients who are dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and mental health issues. She has extensive experience as a mental health advocate and a crisis support worker. Neida is also competent to integrate Christian faith into the therapeutic process upon client request.

Insurance Coverage

ottawa-counselling-insurance-optionsOur services are covered by most insurance companies and insurance plans. At the end of each appointment, you will receive a receipt from an Ontario Registered Psychologist for the counselling services provided to you by our Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Social Workers, and counsellors. You’ll be able to present that receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

It’s the client’s responsibility to know if such receipts are acceptable to your insurance company. Be aware that insurance companies generally only cover a portion of the cost of counselling, usually somewhere in the range of 80%.

Counselling services are NOT covered by OHIP.

Before your appointment, contact your insurance company for details on your coverage. Be sure to verify the following:

  • What psychological services are covered by your policy.
  • Whether or not a receipt from an Ontario Registered Psychologist for services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, or a Counsellor is accepted by your insurance plan.
  • Who is covered, per person and per family.
  • If the insurer pays a set amount per visit, a portion of the fee per visit, or a total amount independent of sessions.
  • If session length is an issue.
  • If you need a physician’s referral.
  • The procedure for reimbursement.

Accepted Payment Options

Most of our therapists are able to accept the following payment options:

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • E-mail Transfer