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Internet Addiction

Workplace Internet Addiction

What Is An Internet Addiction?

Internet addiction disorder (IAD), often called problematic internet use, compulsive internet use or pathological computer use is when an individual excessively uses computers and the internet. The individual is so taken in by the internet, that it interferes with the individual’s daily life.

This can be a difficult addiction to cope with, as the internet is used daily by people around the world. When it’s used to the point of excess, it can quickly become an addiction.


What Causes An Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction In SocietyInternet and computer addictions are disorders that are still being researched heavily, and several possible causes for internet addictions have surfaced. Two of the leading beliefs place internet addiction as a result of social causes and personality traits. Some people become addicted to the internet because of the social connections they form and foster online. Often friends online can be useful, and healthy, but problems arise when a person relies too heavily on online friends, and neglects the friends they have in the surrounding area.

Some internet addicts are desperately seeking attention and approval, and create false personas online. This can cause larger self esteem issues, as the internet becomes a place these people can hide from their real lives, causing problems in their workplace and in their social lives.

Another study has shown that people can be predisposed to an internet addiction, in a similar fashion as some people have a predisposition to an alcohol addiction. In any case, the correct mix of an addictive personality, sources of stress, and mental health can cause a person to become heavily addicted to computer and internet usage.


Girls Internet Addiction, at ParkCapital Choice Can Help

Capital Choice Counselling has the Ottawa counsellors available to help you or a loved one through an internet addiction. With our proven counselling methods we are able to help you through this difficult time, and to help you overcome the addiction that grips you or a loved one.  Using a variety of counselling techniques, we help people to divert their attention to the internet, and back to the events of their real life.  We help them reconnect with friends, and the real world. We want you or your loved one to be able to live without the addiction constantly looming over you.


The world is filled with challenges, and we help internet addicts meet them and overcome them.  Whether the issue is underlying social anxiety, displeasure with their current life, or rampant insecurities there is an answer.  Ottawa addictions therapy can help you get your life back.


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