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Safe & Contactless in the COVID-19 Era

Online Counselling in Brockville

With the move towards contactless service and social distancing, Capital Choice Counselling now offers online counselling in Brockville. Take advantage of a leading network of Eastern Ontario psychotherapists, counsellors and social workers, all of whom have elite qualifications and many years of experience in their field.

In a new age when people are looking to do as much as possible in the comfort and safety of their homes, we are pleased to bring Brockville counselling for depression, anxiety, couple’s therapy and much more.

  • Keeping your identity & information confidential
  • Zoom, & other video counselling sessions
  • Remote therapy also available by phone
  • All counsellors licensed to practice in Ontario

What to Expect at Your Brockville Therapy

Therapy sessions can be considered as some sort of problem-solving workshop. A dialogue with your selected Capital Choice therapist at each session will assess where you stand and the status of the issue that brought you in.

Remember that therapy is a gradual process that develops over time with growth, and that each therapy session is a step in the right direction. You can talk about whatever that’s on your mind during therapy, and our therapists will listen. Your talks with your therapist are private, so you can be open and vulnerable about yourself.

Your therapist may respond with some insight to assist you in deconstructing and synthesising what you just said after you’ve unpacked your feelings. If your Brockville therapist believes it is vital for your process, you may be given an assignment or something to think about.

Overall, you will be able to unpack whatever is upsetting you during therapy, as well as receive constructive comments to aid in the improvement of your mental health.


Your Brockville Therapy Options

Therapy in Brockville helps individuals discover their strengths and gain new abilities that will help them deal with life’s obstacles. A good treatment experience does not imply that a client is cured; rather, it indicates that the individual has the inner and outer resources to cope with life’s ups and downs.

The happenings of the last few years has shined the light on seeking for help online, the manner we seek aid is changing. One of the advantages of internet treatment, or teletherapy, is the idea of having options.
Not only does this allow you to meet with a therapist from wherever you are, but it also allows you to pick how that therapy is delivered. To put it another way, you can contact a therapist via your phone, an app, or the internet. This may make it easier for you to connect with and interact with a counsellor.

The opportunity to obtain mental health assistance in this manner implies that more people than ever before have access to therapy in Brockville. It also helps to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and provides you with options.

Our Online Professional Counsellors

Brockville counselling online, via Zoom, FaceTime, phone or other remote therapy methods, with a highly qualified & experienced team of Ontario counsellors & therapists.

Our Brockville Online Counselling Services

At Capital Choice Counselling, we have a wide range of expertise and services at our disposal to provide you with excellent Ottawa Brockville services.

Couples Counselling

Looking to strengthen the bonds of your relationship? Brockville couples therapy is available online, by video or phone, with a couple’s therapist who can help!

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Cognitive  Therapy

Different from traditional talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a modern method that focuses quickly on negative thoughts to create positive action.

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Marriage Counselling

From newlyweds to mature couples, Brockville marriage counselling is now available online. Your marriage therapist will help you strengthen your marital bonds.

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Family Counselling

Brockville family counselling is now available online! Your family can meet via FaceTime, Zoom or phone with an experienced family counsellor who’ll help create harmony.

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Brockville psychotherapy, via online counselling on Zoom, FaceTime, etc., is available for depression counselling, anxiety counselling & more.

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Workplace Stress Counselling

Experiencing stress at or from work? Brockville workplace stress counselling is now online, giving you or your team a means of working through the issues causing stress.

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Family Therapy with Children & Teens

Brockville family counselling is now available online for families with children and teens who are at different stages of life. We’ll help you restore a more harmonious feeling.

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Anxiety & Depression

Brockville anxiety counselling and depression counselling – online, using Zoom, FaceTime or phone – with highly qualified, experienced & compassionate counsellors.

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Our Brockville counsellors work with people who struggle & are in need of intervention – now in online counselling. Break through the chains and move forward!

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