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We provide answers to your most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions or want to learn more, please contact us.

We recommend that you search counsellors by expertise for the main counselling issue. This gives you a better idea of the counsellor(s) in terms of expertise, availability, office hours, and online/in office.
The regular fee is $160 per 50-minute session. Some fees vary according to the expertise of the counsellor. There are Counselling Interns whose fee is usually $75 and can slide down further as need be.
The number of sessions depends on your situation, your goals, the type of therapy and other factors. Some clients choose to maintain an ongoing counselling relationship, doing a number of sessions at first and then having an occasional session every now & then.
Traditionally, the practice of counselling and therapy has been in-person office sessions. However, technology has changed things - and the sudden onset of the COVID-19 era has changed things even further. Most of our counsellors and therapists now offer online and virtual counselling. The counsellor’s webpage will state if they work in office or online, or both.

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At Capital Choice Counselling, we have a wide range of expertise and services at our disposal to provide you with excellent Ottawa counselling services.

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Supporting Ottawa Youth

Celebrating 12 Years

In the spirit of celebrating our 12th Anniversary of providing counselling to the citizens of Ottawa region, Capital Choice Counselling wanted to give something back to the community.

Youth love their music and their dance, perhaps as one way to deal with life issues. Capital Choice Counselling understands this and we want to help. We have created a youth scholarship fund for teenagers who want to dance but may not be able to afford it. Scholarships are available to youth attending dance at Capital City Dance in Ottawa. When life issues come to visit you in your teenage years, Capital Choice Counsellors are there to help.