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Safe & Contactless in the COVID-19 Era

Online Counselling in Cornwall

Eastern Ontario’s premiere network of counsellors, therapists and social workers, Capital Choice Counselling now offers online counselling & therapy in Cornwall. In accordance with social distancing protocol, we’re pleased to bring Cornwall e-counselling and remote therapy via Zoom, and other methods.

From the convenience and distanced safety of your home in Cornwall or surrounding communities, you can participate in sessions with highly trained and experienced counsellors for mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, couple’s therapy and more.

  • All therapy sessions are private and confidential
  • Online counselling by video (Zoom,, etc.)
  • Virtual therapy sessions by phone
  • Counsellors licensed & practicing in Ontario

Our Online Professional Counsellors

Cornwall online counselling is available from the following Eastern Ontario-based therapists, counsellors and social workers.

Our Cornwall Online Counselling Services

At Capital Choice Counselling, we have a wide range of expertise and services at our disposal to provide you with excellent Cornwall counselling services.

Couples Counselling

Cornwall couple’s therapy lets you and your significant other strengthen your relationship through online counselling sessions with a couple’s therapist.

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Cognitive  Therapy

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – is gaining in popularity thanks to its focus on turning negative thoughts into positive action, resulting in a shorter therapy duration.

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Marriage Counselling

Cornwall marriage counselling conducted online, helping married couples work through issues and create a better relationship through mutual understanding and solid action.

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Family Counselling

Cornwall family counselling is now available via Zoom, FaceTime & other remote therapy means. Parents & other family members strengthen their relationships.

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Cornwall online counselling using traditional psychotherapy means of talk therapy – available for depression counselling, anxiety counselling and more.

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Workplace Stress Counselling

Workplace stress and other issues – for individuals and for teams. Now available through online counselling.

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Family Therapy with Children & Teens

Extended families, blended families and families with children of different ages benefit from online family counselling in Cornwall, Ontario.

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Anxiety & Depression

Cornwall anxiety counselling and depression counselling are now available online (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype) or by phone – all in the safety & comfort of your home.

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Cornwall interventions available online or by phone, treating you so that you no longer have to struggle or suffer.

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