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No Relationship Is Perfect

Relationships have peaks and they have valleys. Wild passion can be followed by boredom. The feeling that you’re perfect for each other is occasionally followed by the revelation of differences in core values and beliefs. Through a series of unintentional offenses, even the most loving relationships can become poisoned by manipulation, lack of accountability, and eventually anger and contempt.

Then the arguments become more frequent, and leave you both emotionally drained and unsure of how to move beyond what look like intractable differences. This is where Capital Choice couples counselling can help, providing the couples therapy specific to you and your relationship. These arguments are really a dance of wounds, which you can read about in our free e-book here. If you believe you’re relationship is experience a stand still in the bedroom read our blog about the 5 signs that your ‘private’ life needs more loving and how our Ottawa couples therapy can help.

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  • I have attended, with great interest, many Relationships Matter Seminars at St Paul University. The topics are beneficial to everyone who want a better understanding of oneself and relationships. I always come out at the end of the evening with better knowledge and good feelings. Many thanks to the speakers — great presentations!

    Denise Cholette

  • The seminar I attended was very interesting. The host is very good speaker, he knows what he is talking about and definitely has knowledges to share. I like that it is accessible and entertaining: my boyfriend enjoyed it too, and I believed that it’s partially because of the fact it was funny and instructive.

    Emilie Bout

  • Relationship Matters offer great speakers on a variety of related topics from online dating to being in long term intimate relationships. They are thought provoking and accessible to the lay person and for anyone with a desire to broaden their perspectives on and possibly improve the quality of their relationships. I am really happy to have discovered this series put on by Martin Rovers, an expert in the field.

    Deborah Brooks

For Any Relationship Issue, Ottawa Couples Counselling Can Help

A couple happily enjoying drinks at sunset after couples counsellingIf you want your relationship to succeed, it is always possible.  When two people truly care for each other, a relationship can always grow and prosper, this is where couples therapy can help.  Often the problem is as simple as a breakdown of communication, and when this happens, even two people who care for each other can become spiteful. However there is a solution; Ottawa couples therapy with Capital Choice Counselling. To learn more about our couples therapy take a look at our blog.

Our counsellors have the experience and expertise with couples counselling in Kanata, Nepean, Orleans or elsewhere in the Ottawa area that can help put your relationship back on the right track. Our counsellors are ready to help you rebuild your channels of communication, so you can prosper as a couple. Couples therapy may be the answer for your relationship, you simply need to take the first step.


Couples Counselling Is Not Exclusively For Struggling Relationships

There is a misconception that if you and your partner are attending couples therapy then you are in a weak relationship.  Couples counselling is not necessarily for struggling couples, healthy couples often attend counselling as well. Constantly working on your communication and relationship skills can help you grow as a couple, strengthen your bonds, and improve other aspects of your life. Couples counselling can help keep you and your significant other on the right track, fully committed and happy.


A happy couple sit on a bench in a park Nepean, Kanata, & Ottawa Couples Counselling

Just remember, no problem is insurmountable if you both want the relationship to succeed.  With the help of Capital Choice couples counselling in Kanata, Nepean, Orleans & the Ottawa area, you can start opening up to your partner again in meaningful and healthy ways. Contact one of our Ottawa or Kanata couple’s therapists using the tool to the right to see how we can help you heal the wounds that are harming your relationship before it’s too late. Falling in love is easy; creating and living in a healthy relationship is work.



Is Couples Counselling For Me?

  • I feel like my relationship is in danger
  • I feel ignored in my marriage
  • I don’t think I share the same values as my spouse
  • I feel let down by my partner
  • I don’t know how to tell my partner how I feel
  • I want to save my relationship


If you find yourself having these thoughts, perhaps you should look into couples therapy, which is often covered by your health insurance plan. Contact one of our Ottawa, Nepean, Orleans or Kanata couples therapists using the sidebar contact form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Couples counseling can assist you and your partner with:
  • Learning communication skills that are needed for a successful relationship.
  • Deciding on the best steps to take next for your relationship.
  • Managing and resolving conflicts better.
  • Merging families and/or co-parenting more smoothly.
  • Staying connected during a major transition or life change.
  • Much, much more!
Couples counseling can help people with all types of relationship situations including:
  • Married couples
  • Couples living together
  • Couples thinking about getting married
  • Couples that are considering separation and/or divorce
  • Couples in a same-sex relationship
  • Couples where one or both partners are thinking about or have had an affair
  • Couples that have issues with anger
  • Couples who are feeling distant and less connected than they used to be
This will vary from couple to couple, because every relationship is different. The approach of the therapist is also a factor. Usually, you can expect couples therapy to last anywhere from 12 to 30 hours.
As defined by Lillian Glass, a communication and psychology expert in California, a toxic relationship is any relationship between two people who don’t support each other. There is conflict and competition. One partner seeks to undermine the other. The relationship has been tainted by disrespect and a lack of cohesiveness.
Our clinic can accommodate this under specific conditions. You will need to see a different therapist for your individual therapy than you would for your couple’s therapy. This is because a therapist will become partial to an individual’s perspective during individual therapy and become a biased 3rd person when conducting couples counseling. Having the same therapist provide individual and couples counselling would be more likely to cause the couples counseling to have a detrimental effect on your relationship.

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