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An Ottawa Couple smiling during marriage counselling Marriage counselling is a wise choice to rekindle love. Even in committed, loving relationships, counselling can help further growth and connection. Before committing to a lifetime with someone, here are 12 things to ask your partner before marriage. If you find yourself in a rut or experiencing constant problems in your relationship call us at 613-425-4012 to book an appointment with one of our experienced marital therapists here in Ottawa.

Marriage counselling can help partners with the pressures of daily life when relationships begin to erode. And unfortunately, for far too many couples, what started as the best years of their lives ends in heartache and separation. Previously gentle words turn to harsh commands. Forgiveness turns to intolerance and final judgments. This is where Capital Choice Ottawa marriage counselling comes into play. Contact us to book an appointment and find out how we can help.

Counsellors Specializing in Marriage Counselling

How Capital Choice Ottawa Marriage Counselling Can Help

Consider a marriage counsellor as your relationship choreographer—teaching you a new, more loving dance where both partners learn to dance together in step. If both partners want to learn, there is almost no marriage problem that cannot be fixed. To read more about re-creating your relationship and fostering connection, check out our e-book here.

With over 40 highly qualified Ottawa marriage counsellors to choose from, our Ottawa marriage counselling can assist with any relationship issue, including:


Furthermore, these therapy session are often covered by your health insurance plan. If investing in setting your relationship up for success is covered by your plan, why not take advantage of it?

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How Could This Happen?

Building a lasting, fulfilling relationship is a skill that can be learned through marriage counselling. We all need to learn the art of love and communication. That learning starts at a very young age. While we all learned math and grammar in elementary school, we learned how to love and be loved through an entirely different type of school: our family of origin. If our parents and siblings communicated and loved effectively and with integrity, chances are we’ve developed the skills we need to build healthy relationships. If not, then we might need marriage counselling to learn the skills we need to maintain our relationships and make them last.


What Can Marriage Counselling Help With?

  • Communication Problems
  • Financial Disagreements
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Struggles with Infertility
  • Parenting Frustrations
  • Divorce & Affairs
  • Emotional Disconnection
  • And More!

Start on the Right Foot with Ottawa Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling doesn’t need to be for couples who are having trouble and considering divorce. Starting a marriage off with marriage counselling is a great way to show how committed each partner is to making their marriage last. By learning the communication and life skills needed for a strong and successful marriage early on, couples will be better prepared to take on life’s challenges together, and know how to communicate effectively when problems start to arise. If you want to develop these skills so your marriage can go the distance, book an appointment with one of our counsellors and we will be happy to help!

  • I have attended, with great interest, many Relationships Matter Seminars at St Paul University. The topics are beneficial to everyone who want a better understanding of oneself and relationships. I always come out at the end of the evening with better knowledge and good feelings. Many thanks to the speakers — great presentations!

    Denise Cholette

  • The seminar I attended was very interesting. The host is very good speaker, he knows what he is talking about and definitely has knowledges to share. I like that it is accessible and entertaining: my boyfriend enjoyed it too, and I believed that it’s partially because of the fact it was funny and instructive.

    Emilie Bout

  • Relationship Matters offer great speakers on a variety of related topics from online dating to being in long term intimate relationships. They are thought provoking and accessible to the lay person and for anyone with a desire to broaden their perspectives on and possibly improve the quality of their relationships. I am really happy to have discovered this series put on by Martin Rovers, an expert in the field.

    Deborah Brooks

Our Ottawa Marriage Counselling Services

Many marriage counselling techniques are based on Emotionally-Focused Therapy, which stress the need to communicate how different situations make us feel. This isn’t about blame or judgement. Quite the opposite—Emotionally-Focused Therapy is about ensuring both partners understand each others’ emotions, wants and needs. It is a structured psychotherapy approach to working with individuals, couples and families and views emotions as important in the development of people in both adaptive and maladaptive functioning. From the EFT perspective, change occurs by becoming aware of emotional self and how I bring this to my relationships with others, especially my partner. Relationships are attachment bonds and marriage counsellors need to address the security of the relationship bond, as well as the accessibility and responsiveness of each partner.

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For more about Emotionally-Focused Therapy, see our description here.

Marriage counselling also needs to look at previous attachment wounds each partner brings into the relationship. Family of origin therapy can help unpack wounds from your childhood that are dancing in your relationship. Family of origin therapy is often used when clients want to know themselves better, and how they became this way. It is the school we all went to and where we learned to be ourselves: for better or for worse. Family of origin is where one learns love, communication, parenting, dealing with stress, etc. Family of origin wounds are not one’s fault, but they are now your responsibility. Knowing the family of origin “there and then” helps someone to change their life to the “here and now”.

Counsellors Specializing in Marriage Counselling


Ottawa Marriage Counselling and Relationship Check-Up

You go to the dentist and the doctor every year, but what about checking in on your relationship or marriage? Like a check-up at your health practitioner’s, a check-up with a couple, marriage and relationship counsellor will help you identify and fix small problems before they become big ones. Contact Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa to find out more.


Marriage Counselling Ottawa: When you want to benefit from Ottawa marriage counselling, contact us here or give us a call at 613-425-4012. You can find confidence or help someone you love who is hurting in relationships, through Ottawa marriage counselling. Our marriage counsellors are licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors that specialize in relationship and marriage repair. Our Ottawa marriage counsellors provide marriage counselling, couples counselling and relationship help when you are with feeling distant or struggling with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! In fact, marriage counselling is at its best when a couple takes a *proactive* approach to resolving their issues. Marriage counselling is suitable for newlyweds, couples about to get married, couples who have been married for some years - anyone who wants to be proactive about their marriage or partnership and forge ahead to make their relationship the best it can be. Of course, if a couple finds themselves in a situation where one or both partners is contemplating divorce, marriage counselling is a valuable resource.
Marriage Counselling can seem like a daunting thing at first for some people. The potential for awkwardness looms. Then again, if the potential for divorce looms larger, then counselling is a much better alternative. From your first couple's therapy session, your marriage counsellor or therapist will encourage each of you - one at a time - to lay out the issues as you see them. You can expect to go through some stages of dialogue. And many marriage counsellors like to use exercises, both in session and at home, to work on positive communication and empathy. The marriage counselling or therapy could last five or ten sessions, or as long as you both find worthwhile to produce a better marriage relationship.
It's most probable that you will have homework! Of course, every marriage counsellor is different, and each will have moderate variations of how they go about the marriage therapy process. If you and your partner have a busy schedule, it's best to let your marriage counsellor know at the start. Nonetheless, a relationship worth saving is a relationship worth putting in the effort, right? Marriage counselling and couple's therapy tends to take place once or maybe twice a week for an hour at a time, so to shorten the time to improve the relationship (and avoid prolonging the time in therapy), most couples find that it's best to do work outside of therapy.
Traditionally we have found in the field of marriage counselling and couple's therapy that in-person sessions work better. However technology has changed things - and the sudden onset of the COVID-19 era has changed things even further. Most of our marriage counsellors now offer e-counselling, tele-therapy, etc. Talk to your counsellor to find out what works best for everyone.
Many insurance plans and benefit plans cover a certain number of sessions for marriage counselling. It's best to speak with your insurance company or company HR department, etc,, to find out what is covered. So long as one of the couple has an insurance plan, therapy for marriage counselling is often covered.
Every married couple can benefit from marriage counselling, whether you're head over heels in love or going through a rough patch. Every relationship has its unique differences and each partner brings their own opinions, values, and ideas to the table. No matter how healthy or strong your relationship is, every marriage will get tested at some point. No matter the cause of the difficulties or stresses in your marriage, it can create stress and tension that needs to be addressed and resolved. A professional marriage counsellor can help couples throughout any part of their journey together to have healthier relationship.
Marriage counselling, also commonly referred to as couples therapy, help couples improve their relationships by helping them understand and resolve their conflicts. Marriage counselling equips couples with guidance and tools to better communicate and resolve their problems in a healthy way.

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