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Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy

Your Choice of Ottawa Counsellors by Expertise or Location.

Our Ottawa Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors are Specialists in Couple and Marriage Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Our Ottawa Counselling Services

At Capital Choice Counselling, we have a wide range of expertise and services at our disposal to provide you with excellent Ottawa counselling services.

Couples Counselling

Relationships can often deteriorate over time, but effective therapy focused on communication and understanding can help repair any damage to help you move forwards in a loving way.

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Cognitive Therapy

If you have negative thoughts about yourself and others, cognitive therapy can help you eliminate these negative thought patterns. It has been proven successful in treating a variety of …

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Marriage Counselling

Capital Choice’s marriage counsellors specialize in helping partners strengthen their relationship, by improving communication, listening to each other, and rekindling your love for your partner.

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Family Counselling

Capital Choice family counsellors will help your family work past conflicts and restore relationships. Family therapy works to improve communication between all members.

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At Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa, our therapists work to create an environment of collaboration. By changing your thoughts, and the way you approach challenges you can change …

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Workplace Stress Counselling

Workplaces can be fast paced, stressful places that can wear on anyone. Workplace stress is absolutely normal, and the counsellors here at Capital Choice Counselling can help you…

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Family Therapy with Children and Teens

Teens face many challenges and difficult choices, which can cause a terrible amount of stress at a critical time in their lives. Capital Choice…

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Anxiety & Depression

If anxiety is holding you back and preventing you from enjoying life, contact us today and let our psychotherapists help you learn how to manage your anxiety. Our therapists have extensive…

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Addictions Counselling

Addictions counselling can help, by making you your own hero by overcoming your addiction. Our Ottawa therapists are trained in addictions counselling, helping those who struggle…

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With The Right Therapist

A good therapeutic fit between counsellor and client is the number one reason why people grow and change through counselling. CCCG helps you to connect with the right therapist for you.

Capital Choice Counselling has over 30 psychotherapists throughout Ottawa, with a location close to your home or work, and with various expertise. We encourage you to review the counsellors by location or the counsellors by expertise, and see which therapist feels like the best fit for you.

You are also welcome to phone CCCG (613-425-4257) and talk to one of our expert intake workers, or to our supervising psychologist, as they know all the counsellors well. We are happy to match you with the best therapist in the best location for you.

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At Capital Choice Counselling, we have a wide range of expertise and services at our disposal to provide you with excellent Ottawa counselling services.

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Supporting Community Health Projects

Celebrating 12 Years

In the spirit of celebrating our 12th Anniversary of providing counselling to the citizens of Ottawa region, Capital Choice Counselling wanted to give something back to the community.

Capital Choice Counselling has supported many community projects throughout the last 12 years, including Serenity Renewal for Families, Psychology for Everyday Living Seminars, Capital City Dance, the Guatemala Stove Project, and more.

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