Jeannette Robert

Jeannette Robert, M.A.

Jeannette Robert, M.A.
Registered Psychotherapist

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  • Online Counselling Only
  • Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm.

Practice Areas / Champs d'expertise

Individual Counselling

    • Addictions (specialist): Substance Abuse, Assessments, Treatment Plan, and Continuing Care
    • Family of Origin Issues & Family Reconciliation
    • Trauma
    • Career/Vocation Discovery & Planning
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Eating Disorders

Champs d’expertise

      • Thérapie individuelle (adulte), de couple et de famille
      • Specialiste en Toximanie incluent: l’alcool, des drogues ou de medicaments
      • Conversations difficiles et problématiques en milieu de travail
      • Dépression, Gestion des émotions (ex : stress, anxiété, colère, culpabilité…)
      • Communication relationnelle
      • Estime de soi, prise en charge de soi, autonomie affective
      • Deuil/Pertes
      • Carrière
      • Stress Management

Professional Memberships / Affiliations Professionnelles

Professional Memberships

        • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
        • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
        • The Addictions and Mental Health Network of Champlain

Affiliations Professionnelles

        • Ordre des psychotérapeutes autorisés de l’Ontario
        • L’Association Canadienne de Counselling et de Psychothérapie
        • Le Réseau de toxicomanie et de santé mental de Champlain

Philosophy / Philosphie


My philosophy is Existential, meaning that we are free and therefore responsible for our choices, and our actions. We are the authors of our lives, and we design the pathways we follow. My basic premise is that we are not victims of circumstance because, to a large extent, we are what we choose to be. Life is a cycle of transitions and experiences, presenting opportunities and challenges. Often the most important life lessons comes from our suffering. My aim is to assist people to develop their meaning and purpose, by encouraging them to explore options, in order to achieve a more meaningful existence. I have found my meaning by working with life’s challenges. I’m here to walk with you through this process.


Ma philosophie est Existentielle qui veut dire que nous sommes libres et donc que nous sommes responsables pour nos choix et nos actions. Nous sommes les auteurs de notre vie et devons donc suivre le sentier que nous avons créé. Ma prémisse de base dit que nous ne sommes pas des victimes de nos circonstances vu qu`en principe nous sommes ce que nous choisissons d`être. La vie est un cycle de transitions et d`expériences qui présentent de multiples opportunités. Souvent les plus importantes lessons de la vie proviennent de nos épreuves. Mon but est de guider les gens en leur aidant à developer leur raison d`être, et leur destination en les encourageant à explorer différentes options pour en arriver à un mode de vie plus satisfaisant. J`ai trouvé ma raison d`être en faisant face à la vie et à ses nombreux défis. J`aimerais doncvous guider pour traverser ce processus ensemble.

Education + Training

          • Master of Arts, Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, 2012
          • Bachelor of Arts: University of Ottawa
          • Virginia Satir Models, Family Reconciliations, Satir Ottawa Training Centre 2013
          • St. Francis Xavier University, Adult Education, 1997
          • Human Resources Management, Carleton University, 1995

I am under the consultation / supervision of Dr. Martin Rovers, ( Ontario Registered Psychologist, for the ongoing development of my professional and ethical learning and for psychological services to my clients. I consult with Dr. Rovers regarding my clients on a regular basis. The receipt you will receive will be in my name, as a Registered Psychotherapist, which is acceptable by many insurance companies (e.g. Sunlife / government, others). If need be, I could issue a receipt in the name of Dr. Martin Rovers, Registered Psychologist, for the counselling services provided by me, a Registered Psychotherapist. It is your responsibility to determine which receipt works for our workplace insurance and benefits.

The regular fee for counselling is $160 (plus HST).

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