Marlene and Bob Neufeld

Marlene , M.S.W. & Bob Neufeld

Marlene , M.S.W. & Bob Neufeld
Registered Social Worker & Coach

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In-Person and Online Counselling ( near Main Street)

  • Monday to Friday 9am-6pm

Practice Areas

Marlene and Bob deal with Sexual Issues in Couples only!

Some of the areas that couples need help with in their sexual relationship:

  • There may be conflict around expectations and satisfaction.
  • There may be discrepancies in desire.
  • Some couples have lost the spark that once made their sexual relationship exciting.
  • Some parents of young children have difficulty finding time and energy in busy lives to focus on their sexual relationship.
  • Others may believe that aging or boredom in long-term relationships automatically leads to a decrease in sexual satisfaction.
  • Some couples simply don’t know how to talk about sex with each other.


Marlene and Bob Neufeld offer two-on-two couples therapy aimed at improving sexual relationships.  Marlene and Bob as a couple in their 60’s who have been together over 45 years, they speak from first-hand experience when they say that sex can keep getting better and better.

They also offer groups for couples who want to improve their sexual relationship. The groups are part of a research project studying the effectiveness of group therapy in enhancing sexual relationships. If you are interested in participating in the group, please contact us for more information and to see if the group would be a good fit for you. Couples who do not wish to be part of the group will have access to two-on-two sessions.

Professional Memberships

  • Ontario College of Social Work

Education + Training

  • Masters in Social Work (Marlene)
  • Masters in Education (Bob)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training
  • Training in Conscious Relationship Coaching with the Hendricks Institute, Hakomi, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Exceptional Marriage Mentoring

I am under the consultation / supervision of Dr. Martin Rovers, ( Ontario Registered Psychologist, for the ongoing development of my professional and ethical learning and for psychological services to my clients. I consult with Dr. Rovers regarding my clients on a regular basis. The receipt you will receive will be in my name, as a Registered Psychotherapist, which is acceptable by many insurance companies (e.g. Sunlife / government, others). If need be, I could issue a receipt in the name of Dr. Martin Rovers, Registered Psychologist, for the counselling services provided by me, a Registered Psychotherapist. It is your responsibility to determine which receipt works for our workplace insurance and benefits.

Our regular fee for counselling is $200.00 per one counselling hour.

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Marlene and Bob Neufeld

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Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9am-6pm



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