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Leadership Coaching and Counselling

Group Discussion on Leadership

Leadership coaching and counselling is an extremely effective method of improving an individual’s leadership skills. Whether it’s for personal improvement or professional success, reaching out to our experts for leadership coaching and counselling might be just the thing to help you achieve your full potential in a leadership position.

Very few people are natural-born leaders, and it can be a difficult skill to learn. At Capital Choice Counselling, we want to provide individuals with the tools to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and full potential as a leader. Whether you are an experienced leader or just starting your journey, leadership counselling and coaching can help you develop the necessary skills and competencies to lead with confidence and success.


Leadership Coaching and Counselling — We Can Help

All our Leadership Coaching and Counselling professionals have previous experience in leadership positions, training in coaching, as well as training in counselling. They are under the supervision of a Registered Ontario Psychologist for insurance purposes. One central phone number (613-425-4012) allows you access to the LCC therapist nearest you.

Is the Leadership Coaching and Counselling program right for me?

  • I am experiencing a high level of conflict with my co-workers, and seem unable to resolve it.
  • I feel overwhelmed by the expectations of my position.
  • I am having trouble balancing my home and work life.
  • My team is not responding to my attempts to motivate them.


Improve Your Leadership Skills Today

Woman Leading a Leadership Coaching Counselling Course With Capital Choice Counselling in A Board Room

Whether you’re a business owner, executive, director or manager, holding a leadership position can be extremely demanding. Leaders often need education and support to meet the challenges they face, which often comes in the form of coaching and counselling. The changing face of the workforce, the demands of the public, and the personal stress of leadership calls for expert leadership coaching and counselling. Leadership coaching and counselling can help leaders inspire and motivate a team while communicating with skill and authority. Leadership coaching can address alternate ways of thinking needed to move the organization toward its goals.

However, since most leaders at some point in time must face their own “Peter Principle” and the limits of their personal and professional lives, leadership counselling can be helpful to address the deeper issues that can block leadership success. Leadership counselling can review your beliefs and cognitions about yourself and others; build your strengths and confidence; find new ways to address old problems and explore personal and home issues as they interplay in the role of leadership.

Our Leadership Coaching and Counselling program brings the best of these two expertise together into one session, according to the needs of the leader. Perhaps the leadership questions go a bit deeper into personal issues of career direction, life meaning, happiness, and home issues. Leadership Coaching and Counselling provides leadership coaching and consultation for the workplace, and counselling for the deeper issues that might need addressing, with the aim of improving both.