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Men’s Issues Counselling Ottawa

Men’s Issues Counselling Ottawa can address men’s issues include workplace stress, relationship issues, depression, confusion about identity as a father, anger, dealing with other emotions, substance abuse, etc. If you feel like you have having difficulty coping with issues that are complicated by male gender norms by yourself, then this is a good time to seek men’s issues counselling in Ottawa.

In fact, some researchers believe that men are more affected by these issues due the social taboos surrounding males expressing themselves. Men, for example, may feel depressed for years without going to talk to anyone about it. Counselling for men can help. This kind of repression can be problematic because it makes it more likely that issues like depression and anxiety may manifest themselves in other, less appropriate ways, such as violent behaviour.

If you are a man going through any number of psychological difficulties, our Ottawa men’s issues counsellors can help! We cater our services to our clients, and that means that we take your gender and upbringing into account when you come in for treatment.

If you would prefer be matched with a male Ottawa counsellor, that is something that can be arranged. We have many male counsellors, all of whom are very experienced in dealing with the full spectrum of men’s issues.

Plus, a man-to-man talk can be a good idea! Passing these life experiences by a male counsellor can help bring perspective, and allow you to see and feel things in a different way. Or maybe talking to a female counsellor will help men see another perspective.

Men are thought to need to be the “strong silent ones” when in fact you can be hurting at times. Men want to be loved but you might not know how to get through to your partner. Men also get depressed, but you were told that was weak.

  • I need a man to man talk
  • I want someone who understands me
  • I feel alone in my anger and suffering


If you see yourself in the above statements, counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa-based counsellors using the tool to the right.


Individual counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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