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Women’s Issues

Being a woman can pose special challenges in our society today. Women’s issues can be social issues such as gender equality, managing societal norms and expectations, achieving a healthy work-life balance, or coping with physical challenges such as hormone related issues. Women’s lives are demanding.

Whatever the issue may be, our counsellors for women’s issues in Ottawa can help you cope.

Our counsellors are specifically trained to give women the help they need. There are many issues that occur more often in women than in men, and we make sure to tailor our approach specifically to our clients. Our counsellors use therapeutic approaches that take the best from numerous different schools of therapy. This can help make sure that you’re always getting the best possible treatment from your therapist.

As a woman, it is often difficult to know where the physical, social and emotional aspects of being a woman collide.  Counselling with an inclusive perspective of the challenges women face is often extremely helpful to women trying to gain a greater sense of self-confidence and competence in all life stages. Issues such as relationships, sexuality, moods, body image, family of origin, abuse, aging, career, parenting and caring for aging family members are all well supported through individual therapy.

At Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa we have therapists across the city who are experts at helping women achieve greater happiness and well-being. Many of them are women themselves, and know first hand the difficulties involved in woman-specific life experiences.

Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors today for personalized therapy that is right for you. Browse our list of therapists by expertise here.

Is this right for me?

  • I need to talk to a female therapist
  • I am not sure what is happening to me as a woman
  • Another woman’s perspective is important to me


If you see yourself in the above statements, counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa-based counsellors using the tool to the right.


Individual counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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