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Ottawa Family Counselling with Teenagers

Teenage Counselling


The teen years are often difficult for a variety of reasons. If you or your teen feel that the stress has become too much, please contact us using the tool to the right or call at 613-425-4257.


Teenage Years Are Difficult

During this time, teens are making a lot of choices about studies, careers, relationships, sexuality, identity and becoming more independent. For people with limited life experience, making these decisions is extremely difficult.  The decisions they make at 16 could effect them for the rest of their lives.  On top of that many teens have difficulties with bullying, in and out of school. These experiences can have enormous effects on their self-esteem.


Effects of Sleep Deprivation Teenage CounsellingBullying and Cyberbullying

One of the largest challenges teenagers face is bullying, whether it’s in school, on the bus, or cyberbullying.  Bullying can have a lasting effect on teenagers leaving emotional scars that carry on into their adult years.  With social media becoming so popular with teenagers cyberbullying has quickly risen as one of the largest challenges our children have to face.  If your child has been bullied, online or at school, we recommend that you talk to our professional counsellors.  We can help you put a stop to bullying and cyberbullying, and help you put your child back on track.


Teens Face More Than Bullying

Teens also struggle with difficulties far beyond bullying. It is a tumultuous time filled with questions of identity, of surging hormones and changing peer groups. They are often under plenty pressure at school and at home to develop and apply themselves. While self-harm or self injury can occur at any age it is most frequent in the teenage years; especially for girls. Self-harm usually does not indicate that your teen is intending to commit suicide, however, it does indicate that they are hurting and in need of help. You can learn more about self-harm here.

That’s why we recommend counselling for teenagers. Our Ottawa counsellors can help teens face their problems and move through what is often a very difficult period of life.


Counselling Can Help

Teenagers in School After CounsellingOur Ottawa counsellors are trained in counselling for teenagers. This kind of counselling, for example, can help teens deal with issues of shame that arise from experiences with bullying. Our counsellors can help teens practice techniques to increase their own self esteem. They can learn to build psychological defenses against bullying, preserving their self-confidence and sense of self worth. Counselling for teenagers can help them find the strength to move through a bad bullying experience.


Counsellors Specializing in Bullying & Self Esteem


In addition, the teenage years are often an opportune time to catch various issues before they develop into larger problems.

Is counselling for teenagers right for my child?
  • My child has been bullied at school
  • My child is having difficulty functioning
  • My child is feeling depressed and anxious
  • My child is having difficulty communicating


If you see yourself in the above statements, counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors using the tool to the right.


Individual counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.

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