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Ottawa Anger Management

Is anger management a problem for you? Our therapists use evidence based anger management counselling interventions to help their clients regulate their anger, and they can help you. Everyone experiences intense anger from time to time, but if you have an anger management problem, you may react to anger in inappropriate and destructive ways. You may aggressively lash out at those around you. You may turn your anger and aggression inwards, berating yourself for your own emotions. To understand more about the many forms of anger & how Ottawa anger management counselling can help check out our blog post.

Anger management is needed when anger is used in destructive, as opposed to constructive, ways. Anger is a normal and perfectly natural human emotion. It is often a very healthy reaction to an upsetting situation. However, if you feel that your anger reactions are inappropriate for a given situation, now may be the time to consider professional help. You can contact us to book a session with a professional counsellor of your choice through the tool to the right or by calling us at 613-425-4012. In every case, the problem lies not with the anger itself, but with the management and response to that anger.

Ottawa, Orleans & Kanata Anger Management Counselling Services

Counsellors Specializing in Anger Management

If you feel like you have difficulty controlling your anger, there is plenty of help for you. Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa offers anger management counselling to help you develop constructive methods of dealing with your anger.

This can involve the following:a stressed out patient who is in need of anger management counselling

  • Learning to identify situations where your anger gets out of control
  • Developing ways of calming your physical reactions to these situations
  • Exploring positive, constructive ways of expressing your anger
  • Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to shift your thinking and behaviour



Is Anger Management Counselling Right For Me?

Many people are unsure as to whether or not they need anger management. Some people may think their anger and the way they handle it is normal. However, many people who need anger management do not even know they do. If you are wondering as to whether or not anger management is something you should consider, ask yourself the following questions:

  • I feel like I am at the mercy of my anger
  • I have physically or mentally hurt those around me
  • When I feel angry, I usually respond aggressively
  • I feel that my close relationships have suffered due to my aggressiveness
  • I often feel aggressive and destructive toward myself


If you see yourself in the statements above, anger management counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa, Orleans or Kanata anger management counsellors using the form to the right or call us at 613-425-4012.


a productive team working together after anger management counsellingAnger management counselling not only benefits the person going through the counselling, it also helps mend relationships and benefits the lives of your loved ones. When a person learns how to control their anger in a healthy manner they themselves and all those around them, whether it be a partner, children, parents or colleagues, they all benefit as well. When debating whether or not to invest in anger management counselling remember those around you. Anger management benefits numerous people a year, helping them to cope with anger and allowing them to repair situations in a constructive manner.


If you or a loved one can benefit from anger management counselling in Ottawa, Orleans, Nepean, Kanata or elsewhere in the National Capital Region, contact Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa today.



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Individual counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anger management is the process of understanding and recognizing triggers that make you angry and learning how to channel and control your anger. There is a common misconception that anger management tries to keep you from feeling anger and focuses on suppressing it – that is not the case.
Anger management therapy is all about identifying what triggers your anger issues and finding ways to keep these negative emotions in check. Often times that means a number of anger management sessions with a highly qualified & experienced Ottawa counsellor or therapist who will help guide you through the process. You'll look at different ways you can apply positive ways in which you can apply anger management techniques in the real world, in the context of your day to day life, so that you can lead a more positive life with less anger and more contentment.
Not at all! While we do occasionally work on anger management therapy and techniques with clients who have found themselves in legal trouble due to their anger issues getting out of control, we value our work with all kinds of people with varying degrees of anger issues. There's nothing to be ashamed of here, no need to avoid anger management therapy out of pride or fear. On the contrary, it's been proven that proactive therapy for anger management is far preferable to waiting for anger issues to blow up and reacting in more trying situations. Our Ottawa anger management counsellors can work with you proactively to find the source of your anger issues and find positive ways to deal with them.
Homework, as they say, is a big part of anger management for most counsellors and therapists. After all, while it's highly valuable to discuss your anger issues in therapy or anger management counselling, you'll also need to practice some steps in 'real life.' We want to help you get past your anger issues as they relate to yourself, your workplace, your family and friends, etc. If you feel as though you have a busy schedule and want to let your anger management therapist know this in advance, that's okay. But it's best to prepare for some 'work' to do in between sessions, as that's been proven as the fastest and most effective form of anger management.
We used to say that in-person anger management therapy was better. But technology has changed things over time - and then COVID-19 came along and changed things much faster. Most of our anger management therapists and counsellors today offer e-counselling, tele-therapy, etc. You can speak with your anger management counsellor or therapist when first contacting them to find out more.
You may be experiencing issues with anger management and could benefit from anger management therapy if:
  • You often feel angry
  • You feel that your anger is out of control
  • Your anger impacts your relationships
  • You are hurting others verbally or physically
  • You notice that small or petty things make you angry
  • You regret your behaviour when you’re angry
Anger management is of many types of therapy and counselling often reimbursed by insurance companies or employee assistance plans (EAP). They do not pay your counsellor directly; your counsellor will accept cash, cheque or e-transfer for the anger management sessions and then give you an invoice for your provider. It's best to ask your insurance provider or company HR department before engaging in anger management counselling, to find out whether and what is covered for your anger management sessions.
The goal of anger management therapy or counselling is to help individuals examine their anger triggers in order to better control their emotions. It is a goal-oriented therapeutic strategy that helps create a healthier emotional response to those triggers.
Anger triggers are behavioural and emotional responses to specific situations or circumstances. Some common anger triggers include: physical threats, misinformation, insults, being lied to, and violations of personal space.

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