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Chronic Illness

Are you suffering from a chronic illness? Do you find that your physical condition is spilling over and affecting your mental and emotional well-being? If so, you’re not alone. Life itself brings enough challenges. Add in a chronic illness for which there is no ‘cure’ or end in sight, and it’s natural to see a drop in your mood over time.

Physical pain and fatigue are known to lead to mental stress and fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, addiction and more. The physical and mental deterioration can become a vicious circle, one which, if left unchecked, could be detrimental and even dangerous to one’s health and well-being.

Capital Choice Counselling can help. Our trained professional counsellors have extensive experience treating patients who have seen their deteriorating physical health impact their emotional state. We offer chronic illness counselling, working with you to address what has led to your current mental or emotional state (depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and/or other disorders) – and helping you develop coping skills to go forward with strength and success.

Counsellors Specializing in Chronic Illness

Our counsellors can guide you to develop strategies and skills to deal with the physical and emotional pain you’re suffering from, as well as to anticipate further complications and potential “triggers” so that you can get out ahead of things and overcome the obstacles that life has thrown at you.

Are there countess books and websites dedicated to the subject of chronic illness? Yes. And some may actually be of help. But they tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach, and are missing valuable information and the ability to connect theory and concepts with your specific condition, symptoms and life experience.

At Capital Choice, you’ll be meeting with our counsellors one-on-one. That means that you’ll be able to leverage their knowledge and experience and adapt it to your specific situation. Together with your counsellor, you’ll be able to tackle a multitude of issues and set forth on a journey of healing and wellness.

Is chronic illness counselling right for me?

  • I am suffering from chronic illness or debilitating physical health
  • I find that my physical condition has spilled over into my mental and emotional state
  • I don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel
  • I’m feeling alone and hopeless


If the above statements sound like you, chronic illness counselling can help. Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors using the tool on the right.


Chronic illness counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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