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Blended Families

blended-family-therapy-ottawaBlended families and family therapy have unique challenges.  Their emotional complexities of children, parents and family can state the need for family therapy and blended family therapy. Children on both sides of the marriage are forced to work hard to adapt to the new authority figure, something that often creates tension. It is in these types of situations that our therapists with expertise in blended families can help.

Is Blended Family Therapy Right For Your Family?

Sometimes, a remark may trigger an unknown sensitivity. Or blended-family-therapy-ottawasituations may arise where certain children are being favoured above others. Parents may have difficulty reconciling their parenting styles, creating an inconsistent environment for the children. Conversely, children may be used to parenting styles present in their previous environment. Often, children have to find ways of adjusting to one another. The imposition of one or more new children into their lives may come as a shock to them. This can lead to power struggles and other difficulties.

If you are a member of a new blended family, you may be finding this integration process challenging. You may have difficulty adjusting to new, complex situations and finding your place in the family. Capital Choice Counselling is here to help make the transition a smooth process for all family members, contact us today.



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How Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa Can Help

blended-family-therapy-ottawaBlended family therapy offers a neutral, confidential environment in which you can explore all aspects of your new family. We provide a confidential and safe space to discuss how to transition into a blended family, insuring all family members feelings and thoughts are heard. Capital Choice Counselling can help your family work as one, creating a strong family unit. Our counsellors will help your family integrate, while helping to smooth out any difficulties and problems that may arise, including:

– Difficulties with respect

– Problematic expectations

– Grieving the loss of one parent


Counsellors Specializing in Blended Families

Is blended family therapy right for me?

  • I feel worried about how my new blended family is getting along
  • I feel like my children are shocked by the change in their lives
  • I’m concerned about my partner’s parenting style
  • I’m having difficulty adjusting to the new circumstances


If the above statements ring true to you, blended family therapy can help. Contact one of our Ottawa-based counsellors using the tool to the right.


Family counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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