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Ottawa Addictions Counselling & Addiction Therapy

Addictions Counselling & Addiction Therapy

Is an addiction taking over your life? Addictions counselling can help by making you your own hero by overcoming your addiction. Read our blog to understand the steps needed to becoming your own hero today. Our psychotherapists are trained in addictions counselling and helping those who struggle with addiction find freedom. Usually, people use the word addiction to refer to dependence on drugs or alcohol, but addiction can take on many forms. Common addictions include gambling, pornography, food, and internet addiction, as well as alcoholism and drug abuse.

codependent female struggling and looking at her phoneAddictions & Codependency

If someone you know is suffering from an addiction in Ottawa, chances are that someone in their family is also suffering from codependency. Codependency is defined as a unhealthy relational style that can often be one-sided, where a person is manipulated or controlled. Our counsellors offer addictions and codependency therapy to help you move beyond your addiction or unhealthy relational style and begin rebuilding. They work with you to address the root of the problem, getting to the core of the underlying coping difficulties that caused the addiction.


addictions counselling sessionOur addiction therapy is customized to your personal needs. As you progress through addiction therapy, you’ll learn to cope with situations that may cause you to relapse, effectively overcoming your tendencies towards addiction. Whatever the form of your addiction, it’s likely that it serves a very specific purpose in your life – escape. Usually, addictions are ways of coping, either with stress or discomfort. If left untreated, addictions can often take over your life, leading to the breakdown of your relationships and your health. But there is help.

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a man sitting on his laptop late at night because of his internet addictionTypes Of Addictions

It’s possible to become addicted to a variety of things, but to better help understand the realm of addiction, addictions are usually classified into two categories: Behavioural Addictions and Chemical Addictions.

Behavioural Addiction: behavioural addictions are associated with compulsive behaviours. These would include repeated and persistent behaviours that don’t offer a real benefit – like lying, gambling, or an internet addiction.

Chemical Addiction: chemical addictions refer to the specific use of substances like alcohol, tobacco, smoking, and other forms of drugs.


Is Addictions Counselling Right For Me?

  • Has your addiction come between you and your loved ones? (alcohol abuse)
  • Has your family expressed concern over your drug use? (drug abuse)
  • Do you often feel compelled to gamble? (gambling addiction)
  • Is your use of internet getting in the way of your life? (internet or porn addictions)
  • Are you ready to stop suffering from your addiction?


If you see yourself in the statements above, addictions counselling and therapy can help. Contact one of our Ottawa addictions counsellors by using the form on the right.

Read this article for more information on signs, symptoms, and help.

Addictions Counselling Ottawa

When you want to benefit from seeing an Ottawa addictions counsellor, contact us. You can find confidence through addictions counselling Ottawa. Or if someone you love is addicted, our Ottawa addictions counselors are available. Our Ottawa addictions therapists are trained and experienced in addictions counselling. Our addictions counsellors are licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors that specialize in addictions repair. CCCG addictions therapists provide addictions counselling and addictions therapy. CCCG has addictions counsellors, addictions psychologists, addictions psychotherapists and addictions therapists in Ottawa and surrounding area.

Group Therapy Sessions - Addictions counsellingIndividual counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.  If you have questions about whether or not you’ll be covered by your insurance, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.  We can help you get the treatment you need at a price that you can afford.

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Ottawa Addictions Counselling



Frequently Asked Questions

Addictions counselling is a form of therapy that’s used to help advise individuals who are struggling from various forms of addictions. An addictions counsellors role is to provide support to guide those struggling from an addiction to a recovery.
There are two main types of addictions: chemical addictions and behavioural addictions. Chemical addictions commonly refer to substance addictions for different forms of drugs, including: alcohol, heroin, opioids, and other drug addictions.
People get addicted to their vice for a variety of different reasons. Factors like early exposure to drugs, peer pressure, and parental guidance can all affect an individual to develop an addiction – especially in the developmental stages of life.
An addictions counsellor has the experience and education in understanding human psychology and behaviour. Using their expertise, an addiction counsellor can help develop ways to cope with stress, can create healthy routines, can strengthen your self-worth, and most importantly, help you understand the underlying cause of your addiction.
The most researched and understood risk factors for addictions are genetics and environment. Research shows that up to half of your risk to an addiction is based on hereditary factors. Your environment also plays a key role in your susceptibility to becoming addicted. Lack of parental involvement, peer pressure, and early exposure to drugs all can influence your likelihood to develop an addiction.

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