Psycho–what? An Outline of the Terms

Written By: Dr. Martin Rovers, Psychologist for Capital Choice Counselling Group

psychotherapy services being given to patient in a psychotherapist's office with a clipboard

Psychotherapy is a word with the same basic meaning as counselling (for an outline of the slight differences, click here), and is a term referring to the treatment of relationships, mental health, or life experiences that have become overwhelming or problematic. When enough pain or enough love demands that you make changes to your life, your relationships, or your thinking, psychotherapy is one significant way for change to happen. Research has demonstrated that when there is the right fit between therapy and client, that psychotherapy works to alleviate distress. Therapists use various tools in their sessions with you to changing your  thinking, creating more secure attachments, helping you change your behaviour, reviewing your family of origin wounds, authoring a new story for your future, and seeking solutions. There are many specific types of psychotherapy, and each therapist will have their own approach and style. Psychotherapy is often called the art of journeying with a therapist in self-discovery, in healing, in fostering acceptance, and in re-creating relationships.

Psychotherapy can be offered by psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists. A psychologist is someone who has received their doctorate degree in a particular area of psychology and has also passed a registration exam. They are able to offer evaluation and assessments for diagnosis, as well as providing psychotherapy. A social worker and psychotherapist have received Master’s degree training in either social work or psychotherapy/counselling. Psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists are all trained to help you talk about and resolve the issues you face.  Your therapist will work together with you to reach your life goals. Your therapist can help you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

So call in and ask about the type of psychotherapy that’s right for you. We each have a different story, and as aforementioned it is important that there is a good match between you and your counsellor. Being comfortable with an experienced and welcoming Capital Choice Counsellor is one of the key elements for good psychotherapy to happen, and our confidential main office will help you to do so.

Written by: Dr. Martin Rovers, Registered Psychologist, to view his profile click here.