How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

Every marriage has it’s ups and downs. Why else would “in sickness and in health” for “richer or for poorer” even be a part of the vows? The fact that your marriage isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses is an uncomfortable, yet undeniable fact! When was the last time you stopped to consider the health of your relationship? How would you even go about determining if your marriage is healthy in the first place? Lastly, what defines a “healthy” marriage?

ottawa marriage therapy servicesDefine: A “Healthy” Marriage

These are big questions for a small blog, but they are worth delving into.  A healthy marriage is one that relies heavily on communication and a feeling of togetherness. Yet also depends on the individuality of each partner. Long term married couples will also tell you that patience, a sense of humour, and knowing when to pick your battles are also all elements of a healthy marriage. But despite everything you read in Chatelaine  a healthy marriage is defined differently for everyone. While a shared feeling of love and respect are certainly important underlying tenets, it is important to allow yourselves the opportunity to define what marriage means to you.  For 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Marriage, read this article!

Smoothing Over The Rough Patches

Every relationship is going to experience it’s rocky times. Whether for reasons within or beyond your control, difficult times are inevitable. Learning how to recover from these periods is an important skill in any relationship, romantic or platonic. Relationships are forced to withstand stress from both inside and outside of the relationship. For example, a fight over your shared finances, how to raise your children, where to go for this year’s summer vacation, or an obstacle outside of your relationship such as infidelity, workplace stress, or the death of a loved one. Regardless of the issue at hand, how you handle the stresses and emotions involved take a serious toll on your relationship. Marriage therapy with an experienced and qualified therapist can provide you with the conversational tools and personal coping mechanisms you need to not just survive, but thrive.

marriage therapy ottawaEmotions, Feelings, and Behaviours

As you age, your relationship ages along with you. And just like you are not the same person you were at 23, there’s a pretty strong chance your relationship isn’t the same as it was twenty years ago either. Give yourself the chance to experience, understand, and allow your emotions, feelings and behaviour to enter into your relationship. For many of us, understanding the difference between our emotions, feelings, and ensuing behaviours can be a tumultuous experience. Our marriage therapists are experts at helping you decode these jumbled experiences while strengthening your marriage. To learn more about assessing the health of your marriage, read this article!

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