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Management Counselling Ottawa 2The Stress of Management

Management Counselling Ottawa 3Often receiving none of the praise for a job well done, and all of the blame for mistakes, it’s a systemic reality that managers are placed in a work environment of constant pressure. Those above the manager shout down with often impossible expectations, and those below push up with grievances, placing the manager in the awkward position of being persistently squeezed by these two forces. Expected to solve all of a business’s problems, but given no autonomy or capacity to do so, it’s no wonder that so many management professionals report psychological problems at work and at home stemming from stress. Capital Choice Counselling’s management assistance program can help you face the particular stressors of your position

As a manager, everyone looks to you for the solution to problems. They internalize the unreasonable idea that you are all powerful, when the reality is you are quite the opposite. Those above put a tremendous burden of expectation on your shoulders and that of your team while ironically limiting your power to solve them. Those below protest, and see you as the source of their stress, often resenting your efforts to address the tasks provided by those above you. Nobody seems to recognize that you are not a problem-solving machine, but in fact a human with your own problems, and are being squeezed ever tighter in a systemic pincer with no way out. But don’t worry, because…

There Is a Way Out

If you find yourself in this position, you are neither alone or without hope. Capital Choice Counseling is here to help.

Management Counselling OttawaThe situation of managers is unique, and best served by a team of counselling professionals that approach the problem uniquely. For this we have designed and implemented the Manager Assistance Program in Ottawa for the purpose of helping people in exactly this position find counselling that meets their distinct needs. A group of skilled counselors and coaches with experience and expertise in addressing the problems of managerial professionals, the Managerial Assistance Program can provide you with the tools and abilities you need to manage yourself so that you can manage others.

Covered by Insurance

Ottawa is home to the most government jobs in the nation, and therefore home to more managers than anywhere else in Canada. As such, we have designed our program from the ground up to be compatible with Canadian Government Employee health insurance plans. If you are not employed by the Canadian Government, keep in mind that the Managerial Assistance Program is designed to be an accessible and easily approachable solution for all managers, and is very likely to be covered under your employer’s health insurance.

If you are a stressed out manager feeling that you’ve got nowhere to turn, understand that this can stop. There are ways to address the way you feel. There are ways to fix these problems, and you do not have to do it alone. Capital Choice Counseling is here to help, you just need to get in touch.

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