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Management Assistance Program

Did you recently become a manager in an office job? Perhaps you’re feeling a little more stressed than usual. Maybe your workload has increased and you’re struggling to keep up. Whatever the issue, a call to Capital Choice Counselling Ottawa is the first step to dealing with the issue effectively: 613-425-4012.

Counsellors Specializing in Management Stress

Today’s managers are faced with challenges that are constantly becoming more complex. Work stress is difficult enough, but perhaps even more so for managers who hear it from the top and below.

Managers are exposed more and more to the necessity to face their limits. Research has shown that manager stressors are comprised of two distinct types:

  • High level of expectations
  • Low level of confidence


We work directly with managers to help them face the particular stressors of their position. Being a manager is not easy, and we understand that. We can work directly with you to work through your personal stress related to your managerial position.

When so many people look to you for advice, it can be easy for them to forget that you too are a human being. And while the position may often require putting forward a façade of inhumanity, it is natural for mangers to become scared and overwhelmed.

The Manager Assistance Program is especially designed for managers and is a confidential counselling / coaching program outside the workplace.

Capital Choice Counseling Group has brought together skilled counsellors and coaches who have experience and expertise in counselling, coaching, and management. MAP is about changing the course of your life.

Is the manager assistance program for me?

  • I just became a manager
  • I feel overwhelmed in my new position
  • I feel like a fraud
  • I’m often at a loss for what to do with myself


If the above statements ring true to you, we can help. Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors using the tool on the right.


Workplace counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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