Workplace Counselling Ottawa

What is Workplace Counselling & How Can It Help Your Business

Workplace environments often assail us with stress on all sides such that we experience anxiety for 40 hours a week, year in and year out.

At the same time, we are expected to project calm and assured professionalism constantly.

Being honest about legitimate problems in a professional context can be considered a sign of weakness in certain office cultures, leading to these problems stewing inside of your office and employees until they become too much to handle. This results in massive impacts to productivity, and in bad cases legal liability.

You can avoid these problems and maximize productivity with workplace counselling in Ottawa from Capital Choice Counselling.

How Does Workplace Counselling Bring Benefits?

Workplace counselling, in short, is all about giving your employees a safe place to talk about issues that trouble them, and find healthy and productive ways to go about solving them.

Often the fear of reprimand, either from a workplace authority or exclusion from workplace culture, can act as a powerful silencer of legitimate criticism, allowing workplace problems to become entrenched. Workplace Counselors provide your employees an outlet for these problems, and the tools and knowledge necessary to solve them efficiently.

Ottawa Workplace Counselling with Capital Choice can work in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of a particular organization. We offer counsellors on a full-time, part-time, or as-needed basis depending on the size of your organization and budgetary restrictions.

Workplace Counselling Ottawa

What is the Value of Workplace Counselling?

Workplace Counselling Taps into the Problem-Solving Capital of Your Team Members

Especially when they are in a situation they feel could be improved, employees at any organization come up with ideas to solve the problems they face every day. It’s an unfortunate reality that more often than not, these ideas go unsaid and never become realized. Feeling like we have no voice in our organization, that we are merely meant to be a warm body in a desk, that our managers do not care about what we think or how we feel are all reasons employees stay quiet and the problems they face are allowed to fester.

What’s the point in collecting the courage to suggest a change to a business when we feel to do so is futile?

Most employees don’t know that the problems they struggle with daily are problems their employer is struggling to solve, and most employers are unaware that their solution already exists in the minds of their people.

Workplace counselling acts as a bridge between employers and employees, breaking down the barriers that would prevent employees from feeling like their opinions don’t matter, and allowing for the easy transference of information from employee’s to employers. Problems that would otherwise take enormous effort and investment to solve can be solved easily by allowing employees to come forward, anonymously, and speak in an environment where they feel safe from negative consequence.

Protection From Legal Liability for the Employer in Workplace Counselling

Workplace Counselling

A workplace counselor is different from a typical therapist because they work in the interests of effectively two clients; the employee and the employer.

While a workplace counselor is professionally bound to confidentiality concerning the information they receive from your employees, they can use this information to inform you of problems around the office without compromising the identity of affected individuals.

This provides organizations the invaluable ability to establish awareness of workplace issues that expose them to legal liability, and solve them before they mature into legal action.

When is Workplace Counselling Needed?

Workplace counselling always provides value to the organizations that perform it, but some businesses have more of a need for it than others. Ultimately, determining the needs of your business boils down to the consideration of your specific circumstances.

At Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa, we have found that our Ottawa workplace counselling is best deployed for teams that have any combination of:

• Large workloads
• Consistent Absenteeism
• Vague or poorly understood policies and procedures
• Performance Issues
• Slipping deadlines
• Culture problems, lack of team spirit
• Interpersonal Relationship problems
• Consistent Accountability/Responsibility problems

This list is designed to give you a basic impression of the issues that Workplace Counselling is able to improve, but the applications of workplace counselling can go much further. If you have any issues at your workplace you feel could be improved with Workplace Counselling in Ottawa, get in touch with Capital Choice Counselling. Inform us of your problems and we’ll provide you a quick assessment and present a options available for your business.

Who is Workplace Counselling for?

Workplace Counselling Ottawa

It’s a fundamental truth of being human that we are ill-equipped to dealing with our problems on our own, so it’s no surprise that the benefits of workplace counselling have been scientifically demonstrated across hundreds of industries.

Substance abuse occurs in every industry, from construction to high finance.

Depression doesn’t discriminate according to income-tax bracket.

Part-time, full-time, contractor; mental health issues effect anyone regardless of circumstance.


Without help, mental health problems get in the way of an employee’s ability to feel fulfilled at work, and to fulfill their work obligations. Things like depression, addiction, anger issues, etc. get in the way of social bonding and corporate culture; preventing team members from contributing fully to their organization.From banking to factory work and everything in between, every organization stands to gain from workplace counseling, but unfortunately many still do not recognize the value of workplace counselling. If you consider yourself one of their number, consider the following statistics.

Statistics on Workplace Counselling Effectiveness

In 2010 a comprehensive analysis of over 30 studies on workplace counselling demonstrated that workplace counselling had reduced absence rates across organizations by over 25%.

A 2012 study out of Cambridge University demonstrated that workplace counselling was contributed to “significant improvements on most attitude-to-work factors: opportunity for control, skill use, job demand, clarity, feeling valued, interpersonal contact, competence, work spill-over, adequacy of pay and job satisfaction”. In other words, workplace counselling was shown to produce considerably happier employees, and improve their readiness to succeed at their job.

The antics of one serial bully in the workplace can reduce the performance of their victims by half, and that of other employees by up to 33%. Workplace Counselling provides their victims a route to returning to productivity.

Capital Choice Offers Workplace Counselling in Ottawa

Capital Choice Counselling is Ottawa’s largest network of therapists and counselors, and is able to provide Ottawa workplace counselling services to any business in need. Simply get in touch with us, inform us of your situation, and we can design a workplace counselling program that works for your business.

The fact of the matter is that Ottawa Workplace Counselling can contribute tremendous value to your business and the people that work there. Our Ottawa workplace counselling in Ottawa provides more than just a positive impact to your bottom line, but also to the general well-being of everyone that works for your business (yourself included!), so get in touch!