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Workplace Counselling

Workplace Counselling


Workplaces can be stressful and workplace stress is normal to a certain extent. Workplaces are environments in which every person is held to many different social mores and restrictions, many of which are unspoken. As a worker, it can be difficult to navigate through the working world. Often problems in workplaces start small – such as a disagreement between two coworkers – but things can soon escalate if they’re not kept in check. If you are unsure as to whether or not your workplace is a healthy environment take a look at the 12 signs that indicate you should find a new job and figure out the next step in your career.

Counsellors Specializing in Workplace Stress


How Does Workplace Counselling Help?

Capital Choice can help you overcome your workplace anxieties through their workplace counselling. We can work with you to help you find ways to cope with office politics or the stress of the impending deadline. Our Ottawa counsellors can also work with entire offices, setting up workshops to help offices better manage themselves. We work with workplaces to improve company-wide morale and streamlining office functionality, all while helping employees overcome their differences and strive for harmony. To learn more about how workplace counselling can help not only your employees but your business as well, check out our blog or contact us today.

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Together, we can help you and your workplace overcome its hiccups and become the environment it was meant to be. We can help you see your work life differently. Since your work life often affects your home life, workplace counselling can extend far beyond the workplace itself. Contact us for Ottawa workplace counselling that will help you enjoy work again!



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Workplaces Of All Sizes

ottawa-workplaceA majority of Ottawa is made up of government jobs, which are not always easy. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of bureaucracy that surrounds the government, and people who work in these large offices may begin to feel lost and depersonalized. With any workplace there is going to be a fair amount of workplace stress. It comes with the territory, to a certain extent. But sometimes that stress can spiral out of control, and we may find ourselves struggling to cope with even the smallest workplace task. It’s at times like this that that seeking out the help of our Ottawa counsellors is so important. No matter how small the problem and or how big the workplace, we can work with you to create the needed solutions. Contact Capital Choice Counselling to help you overcome your workplace stress and stop dreading work with our workplace counselling services.

Ottawa Workplace Counselling

Since problems in the workplace can be complex, our approaches are as well. When our Ottawa counsellors work with you or your workplace, we employ a blended approach of many different styles of therapy. Much of our approach will be informed by the school of occupational therapy, but it is certainly not limited to that. Instead, we tailor our approach specifically to you and your workplace.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Workplace counselling and career counselling are different for each client and can vary quite a bit from one counsellor to another. In general, however, we can divide this into two or three types of counselling. For individuals seeking career counselling, your career counsellor will work with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, etc. - then work with you to develop a roadmap to follow, including individual exercises as well as other mental & emotional health issues that may be holding you back. For workplace counselling, our counsellors work with individuals, pairs, teams or entire organizations - it all depends on the needs of the workplace and the situation(s) facing your workplace and the individuals in it.
Not at all! In fact, workplace counselling can be a very proactive way to foster excellent communication and interaction in the workplace. Our Ottawa workplace counsellors have work with individuals, teams and organizations to better their workplace dynamics and create better workplace harmony, productivity etc. Career counselling can also be a proactive step, promoting a more favourable career trajectory. Of course for people who have recently become unemployed, career counselling is an excellent way to take stock of your career strengths and work on finding your next opportunity.
Yes, you will most likely have homework as part of your workplace counselling program. Granted, each counsellor is different, and some will ask more of you than others in terms of work outside the sessions. If you have a busy schedule, i.e. work & family, etc., you can let your workplace or career counsellor know at the start. Workplace counselling usually happens once a week for an hour, so in order to make the most of the experience and do better sooner, most clients find that it's best to do work outside of the actual workplace counselling sessions.
Traditionally we have found in the field of counselling and therapy that in-person sessions work better. However technology has changed things - and the sudden onset of the COVID-19 era has changed things even further. Most of our workplace counsellors and therapists now offer e-counselling, tele-therapy, etc. Talk to your counsellor to find out what works best.
Many insurance plans and benefit plans cover a certain number of sessions for workplace counselling. It's best to speak with your insurance company, EAP or company HR department, etc,, to find out what is covered. In a growing number of instances, proactive employers are paying directly (e.g. not through an insurance or EAP) for an employee's workplace counselling - often this is reflected in reimbursement on your paycheque. To be clear, however, we do not process the insurance payments. Your counsellor will accept cash, e-transfer, etc. and will give you invoices to submit to your insurance provider, EAP or employer.

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