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Using Insurance Benefits by the End of the Year: Finish Strong, Start the New Year Stronger


Are you on an insurance plan that covers counselling or therapy services? Have you used up your allowance for 2017 yet? If not, you could be losing out on hundreds of dollars in savings. Now’s a great time to book appointments with Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa, right through the end of December 2017. That way, you can maximize your benefits and take advantage of the counselling services available to you. Let’s delve into why this can be a great way to end the year strong, and start the new year fresh and ready to hit the ground running.

End 2017 Strong, Start 2018 Stronger

Okay, so you’ve got coverage (if you don’t, keep reading anyhow, as we’ve got some great advice for you throughout this piece). It’s either through a company or organization plan, or individual insurance that you’ve purchased. Either way, you deserve those benefits. You’ve earned them, you’ve paid for them, and by gosh you ought to use them! With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the time to give a gift to yourself. Whether you have part or all of your annual cap for counselling services available, you can apply that amount to sessions held between now and the end of December. What a fine way to end the year strong! And you’ll have a rolling start heading into the new year.

shutterstock_619742603If you’re an existing patient with one of our counsellors here at Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa, you can call us today to make an appointment – or two or three – before we’re full for December. If you’re a new patient, we invite you to book an intake consultation ASAP. The concept of “binging” on benefits at year’s end is getting more popular, so the sooner you book, the sooner you can take advantage of the benefits you deserve.

Holiday Depression? Winter Blues? Get Out Ahead of It with Ottawa Counselling Services!

Winter and the holidays can bring a whole host of issues for many people. You can read more about what causes this, what we experience and how we can get through it, by reading our previous article on holiday depression as well as one on winter blues. Both are legitimate conditions, and neither is something that you should take lightly or feel ashamed of. A few sessions with one of our counsellors before and/or during the holidays can help you develop and move forward on a plan to conquer the depression, anxiety, stress and other issues that many encounter this time of year. It’s also perfect timing to address how you deal with colder weather and less daylight. Many suffer from a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which brings on feelings of depression, lack of energy, lack of appetite or overeating. There are many steps you can take to combat SAD. Our counsellors can work with you now to identify ways which will work best for you, enabling you to get through the holidays and have a healthy, productive winter.

Don’t Wait Until January 1 for That New Year’s Resolution!

shutterstock_741279679New Year’s Resolutions – we all make them, and we all break them (at least at one point or another). A question we here at Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa like to ask is, why wait until New Year’s to make a resolution? Why not make a plan right now, to get started on improving your life as soon as possible? By booking sessions between now and year’s end, you can move forward on that plan! The holidays are a time of giving. While it’s an admirable and valuable trait to be generous with others, being generous with yourself is also crucial. Perhaps you’ve had it in mind that you’ll resolve to make changes in your life. To “get better,” to “get your life together,” or some version of that. Great!

Don’t let anyone make fun of that idea, or make you believe that you’re not worth working on. You are! We can all do better. Seeking counselling is a courageous step. You’re acknowledging the issue or issues that are standing in between who you are now and who you want to be. This can include depression, anxiety, addiction, career issues, grief, relationship difficulties, trauma, and many other issues. By booking an intake session and additional sessions prior to year’s end, you’re getting a jump on the new year, kickstarting your life and setting out on a course for betterment. That’s what our team of trained counsellors and therapists do here at Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa. We’re well versed in identifying causes and patterns that make people do things and live life a certain way. If you’re committed to changing those ways, we’re equally committed to being a partner in your progress.

Now for Some Q&A… We Thought You Might Ask


We get a lot of questions about insurance. We’re not experts on insurance, mind you, and we always encourage our patients to speak with their insurers or broker about coverage, benefits, and the red tape that can accompany it. Still, we can give you some direction.

How do I know whether your services are covered? What do I need to get started?

Most insurance plans cover psychological services, psychotherapy, and many other types of counselling. We recommend that you speak with a representative from your insurance coverer, who can advise on the services you’re eligible, what kind of documentation you need, and how to go about filing a claim. Your plan may have a maximum number of sessions paid for per calendar year, a maximum dollar amount of coverage, or a combination thereof.


My plan has other categories which cover things like massages, physio, etc. Should I use up these benefits as well?

In short, yes! Now having said that, you may be in a plan that lumps counselling under the same umbrella as other services, forcing you to choose which services are right for you. We’re biased, but of course we encourage you to place a priority on good mental and emotional health. If you have a plan where counselling is in one category, and things like massage, physiotherapy, and other benefits fall under different categories, all the better.shutterstock_121962142

Can I run through a claim for services in December 2017, but actually do the sessions in early 2018?

No. We don’t engage in this kind of practice. Any services that you submit a claim for in 2017 must be rendered in 2017.

What if I don’t have insurance?

While we don’t want you to purchase a plan this late in the year for the sole purpose of getting counselling services – only to cancel soon after – we do encourage you to look at the insurance plans that are available and decide whether obtaining coverage for the long term is right for you. It’s very possible that insurance is worth your while, if you’ll use our services along with a variety of others, including massage therapy, physio, prescription medicine, etc. Compare the plans online, and speak with an insurance companies or a broker to determine what’s right for you.

Get Started Now: Book Sessions at Capital Choice Counselling Before Year’s End

Whether you’re an existing patient with benefits to use by the end of the year, or new to us but also looking to take advantage of benefits, we invite you to contact Capital Choice Counselling in Ottawa. One of our experienced and highly knowledgeable counsellors will be happy to book as many sessions as you need (subject to availability, of course). Get started now on your mental and emotional well-being. Finish the year strong, and start the new year even stronger!