Couples Therapy for Newlyweds and Soon-to-be-Married

Movies and TV often portray couples therapy in a certain manner, and usually a mocking, rather negative light. Partners on screen are shown making snide remarks in front of a therapist while shooting scathing looks at each other. In reality, couple’s therapy is a lot more than what the media shows. It’s a great way of ironing out issues between partners and improving communication between them.

What’s more, couples therapy does not only benefit couples that face problems. Any couple can benefit from therapy. Most notably, newlyweds and those that are soon to be married have a lot to learn and gain from couples therapy.

What Should You Expect and Not Expect from Couples Therapy?

Some people have reservations regarding the therapy sessions. But couples therapy not as rigid or intimidating as most people would expect. The methods used in therapy are designed to smooth out issues, so conversations are a must.

Here are some other things to expect about couples therapy:


  • Storytelling and conversation: Even though couples therapy is a structured way of dealing with issues,
    itinvolves free talking. Much of the sessions will include storytelling and open conversations.
  • Voicing out thoughts and opinions: Complete honesty is a requirement for couples therapy to work. It also provides couples with an avenue for voicing out their thoughts and opinions. Voicing these out is essential for couples that are about to be married.
  • Airing out problems: Many couples who go through couples therapy have pre-existing problems and issues. These issues are not always the easiest to talk about. Couples therapy encourages an environment where these problems can be aired out. Of course, open and honest discussions are necessary for this method to work.
  • Solving problems together: Airing problems out without addressing them is a recipe for disaster. The solutions, however, cannot come from one side of the relationship alone. Couples therapy encourages partners to find common solutions to their problems.


Of course, there are also things that the general public thinks about couples therapy that aren’t necessarily true. Here are some things that people falsely believe about couples therapy:

  • Referees, judges, and spokespersons: Some people see couples’ therapists as either referees or spokespersons that can mediate between couples with issues. While it is true that therapists can mediate, they will not act as a judge in marital matters. They will also not speak to your partner about issues on your behalf.
  • Magical solutions: Couples therapy is not a magical solution to a couple’s problems, contrary to what many people think. While it is an effective method of solving problems between partners, it takes time and effort to work.
  • Patterns and maps: Some people also believe that there is a default recipe to make couples therapy work. There are, in fact, specific patterns that therapists may watch out for or follow. However, the methods will still vary on a case-to-case basis.

How Can Couples Therapy Benefit Newlyweds and Those Soon to Be Married?

All couples can benefit from couples therapy. Newlywed couples and those soon to be married stand to gain a lot more by going to therapy. Here are six reasons why:

1.     An open line of communication

The reason that many relationships fall apart is due to a lack of communication.

Couples therapy aims to prevent this from happening. Newlyweds and those that are about to be married can especially benefit from this.

Having an open line of communication early on in marriage can prevent a lot of issues from happening.

2.     An avenue for discussing issues

Talking about problems isn’t always easy, especially if there is no right place or circumstance for it.

Fortunately, this chance opens up for those that go through couples therapy.

Therapy provides a safe space for talking about problems and issues.

Furthermore, newlyweds and those soon to be married can pick up methods for opening up about sensitive topics.

3.     Lower stress levels

Many people note the effect of relationships on stress levels and the effect of stress on relationships.

Couples therapy can lower the stress levels that couples experience in the relationship by a notable amount.

Lower stress has many benefits. The most important of these are improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

These are things that all couples can benefit from. The earlier this happens in the marriage, the better.

4.     It reinforces values and bridges differences

People fall in love and get married for many reasons.

Some of these include shared values and beliefs.

Knowing what your partner’s values are should be a priority, even before getting married.

Couples counselling provides an avenue for reinforcing common values between partners.

It can also be a good avenue for bridging differences. Remember that people may not always end up with those similar to them.

Bridging the differences between them is the key to making the relationship work.

5.     It gives room for thought about staying in the relationship

It is better to know if you and your partner fit each other well even before getting married. Marriage is a contract that one does not just jump into. Couple’s counselling can accomplish this.

6.     It can help couples prepare for the future

Effective couples therapy sessions can give partners a significant number of takeaways and skills.

Building these skills can help newlyweds and those soon to be married prepare for the future.

Healthy practices, including those learned in couples therapy, can help them weather problems and stay strong. It is especially important if one wants to have a healthy and loving relationship.

Couples therapy isn’t only for couples that face problems

All couples stand to gain benefits from couples therapy if given a chance.

Effective sessions with willing participants can help strengthen the bond between partners.

Newlyweds and those soon to be married can especially benefit from couples therapy. Learning more about your partner early on is a great thing, after all.

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