happy woman after therapy session

The Benefits of Therapy & Counselling in Kanata

happy woman after therapy session

Are you considering therapy or counselling in Kanata?

From everyday stress and general frustration to specific mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, Kanata counselling is a highly effective way of sorting through one’s issues.

Is counselling in Kanata right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits to find out more.

Kanata Counselling & Therapy: What It Is & Isn’t

If you’ve never had a session with a counsellor or therapist before, you may have some questions about how all this works.

Dispelling the Myths About Therapy & Counselling in Kanata

woman in remote counselling sessionBefore talking about what goes on in therapy and how it helps, we’ve found it helpful to get some of the myths of therapy out of the way.

“Therapy Is Too Expensive”

While therapy & counselling do cost money, the price is not outrageous; in fact, most clients see it as a tremendous return on investment. Many insurance plans, through your workplace or private plans, also cover significant portions of your therapy sessions.

“Therapy Goes on Forever”

While some clients choose to stay with their therapist for longer periods, this is more often done on a “periodic maintenance” basis, rather than constant therapy sessions that go on for years on end. Many of our Kanata counsellors and therapists offer types of therapy that are intended to be fixed length. A good example of this is cognitive behavioural therapy in Kanata.

“Therapists Will Insist on Talking About My Childhood”

man & woman in couple's therapyNot all Kanata therapists or counsellors take this approach. Some will, as their training and experience has informed that delving into one’s past can lead to valuable insight about one’s personality (and issues such as depression or anxiety in Kanata); and lead to breakthroughs that help pave the way for a better future. Still, not everyone is comfortable discussing their past, especially when it comes to painful childhood memories. If you feel this isn’t for you, let the counsellor or therapist know this in advance, when booking your first session for counselling in Kanata. Also you may want to check out CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy, which is a form of counselling that focuses on present-day behaviour rather than past experiences.

“Therapy Messes with Your Mind”

Therapy addresses the mind, no question about it. But the goal is not to ‘mess with’ your mind, but rather to identify what’s holding you back and find ways to move forward & live your best life.

“Therapy offers a Quick Fix or a ‘Cure’”

We wish that were the case! Kanata counselling & therapy is designed to give you a ‘guide’ or ‘facilitator,’ someone who will take you along a journey of betterment and wellness. There is no ‘cure’ and there’s no such thing as a magic pill or overnight success. Therapy & counselling in Kanata takes time and only works when you commit to doing the work needed to make impactful, positive changes in your life.

With that in mind, let’s look at what your experience with counselling in Kanata will look like.

Kanata Counselling & Therapy: How It Works

aerial view of kanata ottawa ontarioThe first step in meeting with a therapist or counsellor in Kanata is to find one near you, who specializes in the area(s) on which you would like to focus.

For example, if you are looking for anxiety counselling in Kanata, use our convenient menu to locate a counsellor in Kanata or nearby who specializes in treating issues such as anxiety, depression, etc.

Once you’ve communicated with the therapist by phone and/or email, it will be time to attend your first Kanata counselling session.

When people ask, “What do I need to bring?” The best suggestion we can give is, “an open mind.”

You’ll meet your counsellor in Kanata and begin to talk about the issues that you’re struggling with. He or she will ask questions and start to assess what seem to be the dominant factors that are holding you back.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t happen all in open session.

Of the course of a few sessions, however, there will be a clearer picture of what your goals are, what’s currently in your way of reaching those goals, and how you can best achieve them.

happy family playing outdoorsYour Kanata counsellor serves many purposes, including:

  • to answer your questions
  • to ask you poignant, targeted questions
  • to identify what’s holding you back
  • to be a resource
  • to facilitate your journey
  • to help you live a better life


This is true whether you are looking for a therapist to discuss general stresses and complications of life; or you are seeking help for specific matters such as marital, depression or anxiety counselling in Kanata.

Anxiety Counselling in Kanata

map of kanata ottawa ontarioOne of the specific areas in which we help people is with anxiety counselling in Kanata.

Anxiety is a globally recognized disorder that can take many forms.

As humans, going back to the days of the caveman and the hunter-gatherer, we are pre-programmed with a need for anxiety. After all, it is anxiety that comes up in the classic “fight or flight” situation.

While “good anxiety” can propel us and motivate us to take necessary actions, other forms of anxiety are not helpful – some are practically paralyzing.

Anxiety can be a phobia, a repetitive behaviour, a disorder (such as OCD, PTSD, panic disorder, etc.) or even a generalized anxiety that holds you back.

The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable.

Anxiety counselling in Kanata is available. It is designed to identify the specific anxiety disorder or anxiety issues that are holding you back, then to find ways to mitigate and overcome the anxiety so that you can live a more productive, more contented life.

Kanata Counselling with Capital Choice

Capital Choice Counselling is a leading provider of therapy & counselling in Kanata, Stittsville, Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Our network of Kanata counsellors, therapists and social workers are here to serve & help you with a variety of mental & emotional health needs.

To get started, visit our page of Counsellors by Location; find one near you who specializes in the area(s) on which you want to focus.

We are here to help should you have any questions.