couple in remote therapy

Couples Therapy: Remote Counselling Now Available

couple in remote therapy

Couples therapy can help strengthen you and your partner’s relationship.

This counselling will help you understand relationship patterns, communication problems, and personality differences. Unfortunately, with the unique situation we are in, attending sessions now has become a challenge.

Social distancing is highly recommended to prevent the increase of positive COVID-19 cases. To ensure we abide by government health policies, we have explored a practical but still effective way of counselling: remote counselling via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

How Remote Counselling for Couples Works

couple in remote therapy

Remote counselling is also known as teletherapy. In teletherapy, the therapist will conduct a session using the computer or smartphone. They will discuss the process with you to ensure that safety, structure, privacy and comfort are prioritized.

Mercedes Coffman, a leading therapist from California, highly recommends couple’s counselling. “Couples therapy can help couples understand their relationship patterns, dysfunctional coping mechanisms, communication problems, and personality differences,”

Remote couple’s counselling is effective as long as the sessions are kept confidential, and precautions are taken for your protection.

You will receive tools and assignments to help you navigate through the process. If done properly, there will be no expected disruption in your progress.

Benefits of Remote Couples Therapy

Participating in an online couple’s therapy has many advantages. Some of them include:

1.      It is Easier to Switch to a Counsellor You Both Agree On

Some couples end up with a counsellor that takes sides.

Even if the therapist or counsellor is fair, his or her personality might match better with one partner.

One of you will feel picked on and misunderstood. The other will feel that he is not giving therapy a shot.

Remote counselling makes it possible to change to a new counsellor if needed.

2.      You Have More Privacy with Remote Counselling

couple in remote therapy

Attending a couple’s counselling is a huge step.

You may feel vulnerable if other people know that you’re having issues in your marriage.

You might feel scared that your spouse will exploit your troubles, or other people will talk behind your back.

Remote counselling will prevent anyone from knowing that the two of you are getting professional help.

You can attend sessions in the privacy of your own home. You can also do it while on vacation, far from nosy friends and co-workers. Once you fix your relationship, you can go back knowing your ordeal remained private.

3.      You Can Set Boundaries in Remote Couple’s Therapy

With the stay-at-home orders, you’re probably spending every waking moment with your partner.

It is relatively easy to feel on the defence. He or she might already be getting on your last nerve.

Remote counselling helps ease the tension.

It teaches you to set boundaries and keep a healthy balance of separateness and unity. The boundaries will help you and your partner avoid codependency. It will also help maintain your respect for each other and your relationship.

4.      Couple’s Therapy Online / by Phone is More Budget-Friendly

mature couple in teletherapySome couples don’t attend regular marriage counselling because they can’t afford it.

Take into account traveling and other expenses – most of us will say that it is quite inconvenient.

Remote counselling is more affordable.

You could save a lot in terms of travel and food expenses.

5.      Remote Therapy is Helpful for Long-distance Couples

Remote counselling is quite useful for couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

The counsellor can schedule a conference call with you and your spouse, where you can discuss it.

Here you can voice out your concern while being guided by your counsellor.

6.      Online Documentation is Available for Therapy

young couple in marriage counselling

Sessions that are done online have proper documentation that you can open and review anytime.

This will help you check if the sessions are helping you make any progress.

The documentation will also serve as proof if there are any improvements or changes in your relationship.

You can also use this as a refresher of the recommendations and advice the counsellor gave you during each session.

Limitations of Remote Counselling

Remote counselling may not be entirely infallible. Here are some of its downsides.

Some jurisdictions or insurance carriers may limit the use of remote counselling

Some therapists do not accept sessions via phone or online tools. Therapy via computer or phone is not yet entirely accepted by some clinical psychology professionals. They had some concerns about whether electric connections are as effective as in-person treatment.

In the United States, for instance, some states limit the scope of professional licenses. In Canada, most provinces do not regulate counselling and psychotherapy. However, you want to make sure that you’re talking to someone who has the license or accreditation to do counselling in your area.

The quality of counselling can vary – CHOOSE WISELY

two people in couple's therapy

Unlicensed and minimally trained counsellors may take advantage of online services.

They don’t need to follow the rules set by mental health professional organizations. So, make sure to review the therapist’s credentials beforehand.

If you feel that they’re doing more harm than good, say goodbye and find another therapist.

At Capital Choice Counselling, we offer a network of fully vetted, highly experienced and very capable couple’s therapists and counsellors.

They all started out in traditional, in-person couple’s therapy and marriage counselling settings.

Nowadays these compassionate couple’s therapists and counsellors offer remote counselling at the same level of service and helpfulness as they always have provided.

Preparing the right setting for remote counselling

Participating in online marriage counselling gives you the chance to create your preferred setting for the sessions. Most marriage counsellors have their offices decorated in a certain manner.

You might feel more comfortable in a space where there are lots of cushions. You might want something to lean on. You may want to hang your favourite artwork or pictures to remind you of the good times of your relationship. You might want to try having the session in the park or patio.

Whatever or wherever you feel most connected to your spouse might be the most suitable environment for you.

Get the Best Therapy Results with Capital Choice Counselling.

Remote counselling has limitations. It may be more effective for other people, depending on the issues they are experiencing. However, it can be extremely beneficial, especially for those going through a major crisis.

To learn more about what remote counselling can do for you, contact Capital Choice Counselling. We can do the sessions through phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or in any other medium that’s most convenient to you. Find a counsellor and book your first couple’s therapy session now.