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When To Consider E-Counselling

The need for mental healthcare has increased significantly in recent times. However, not all who need counselling are able to access it. Due to a variety of factors, therapists cannot reach those who need their help.

Thankfully, advances in technology have allowed e-counselling services to flourish, increasing the accessibility of mental health services. However, there are still many questions about the suitability of counselling electronically.

Hence, the professionals at Capital Choice Counselling would like you to know about e-counselling and when it should be considered.

How Is E-Counselling Used?

E-Counselling, also known as telehealth, teletherapy, and online counselling is exclusively provided online. Via the multiple communication and remote conferencing platforms available, therapists are able to reach and treat patients from various parts of the world. The specifics may vary from platform to platform but the general aim is to connect a patient to a mental healthcare professional.therapist talks over the computer

The means of communication may also vary. The most common form of e-counselling involves video conferencing, allowing the patient and therapist to see and interact with each other through a video screen. Other patients might prefer to communicate via email, limiting the interaction with the therapist, or via phone call, if video conferencing isn’t possible.

So when should e-counselling be considered?

When Face-To-Face Isn’t Feasible

Online counselling solves the problem of distance between a patient and a therapist. Those who cannot easily make their way to a therapist’s office should not be deprived of mental health care. E-counselling services allow those living in rural areas or in correctional facilities to access needed mental healthcare without making arduous journeys.

This also accounts for those who can’t attend in-person sessions due to physical limitations like disability or sickness. This is especially relevant in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the entire world. With e-counselling, therapists and patients can safely interact.

When Confronting Uncomfortable Issues

E-counselling has proven crucial in helping patients confront issues that they consider embarrassing and might not share when faced with another person. This helps some patients express their addictions and phobias and frees them from the fear of judgment and condescension.

When Timing Is Crucialcounsellor assists patient over computer

Sometimes, a patient needs a therapist’s advice as quickly as possible and waiting for an appointment isn’t feasible. The need could arise in the middle of a stressful workday or at home in the middle of a mountain of chores. At times like this, an e-counselling session could prove to be vital. When a therapist can provide mental healthcare at the right moment, they can make a breakthrough in the patient’s care, creating a stepping stone to a more stable future or preventing any suicidal actions. Giving a patient the ability to reach a therapist from any location when they are needed is invaluable.

Capital Choice Counselling – Your Choice Of Ottawa Counsellors

E-counselling is not a perfect system but the advantages it provides therapists and patients are invaluable in mental healthcare. Connecting mental health professionals to those who need them, regardless of location, is necessary and important.

Please contact us if you need counselling services. Founded in 2006, CCCG has grown to provide better and more accessible services to those who need them. With a network of over 40 registered psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors, Capital Choice aims to connect you to the right counsellor for you.